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milk before or after food?

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Xfirefly Thu 27-Mar-14 12:15:54

DD is nearly 7 months. I'm just getting into establishing meal times. I'm just confused as to whether you give milk feeds before or after food? Books say all different things.

ATM she has 7oz feed when she gets up then porridge or weetabix 20 minutes later. she eats all her breakfast. For lunch and tea she's been having the milk after her food. is this right? TBH I'm just winging it right now.

andadietcoke Thu 27-Mar-14 12:28:25

I'd always thought before so that they don't have full tummies and then won't have their milk (which is supposed to be their main source of 'food' I think).

How much milk is she having in total in the day? My DTs are the same age and I'm struggling to get three 7oz bottles in them in the day (first thing, lunchtime (although this normally takes a few gos!) and bedtime) and then they have one overnight (gah).

drspouse Thu 27-Mar-14 12:31:11

We did both to start with - bit of milk to take the edge off, then solids, then a bit more milk to fill up. This was bottles. If you are BF, I can see that might get messy, so a couple of friends who were BF I think did a BF and then meal about an hour later, when not starving but not full up either.

After a few months we got into more of a routine which meant that a bottle was at a separate point, with meals more like our meal times (but an early tea, with a gap before pre-bed bottle). That's kind of where he is now, we tried leaving breakfast milk till after nappy/dressing and having it with cereal but he got too hungry so now is back on having milk at waking (but he's 2 so that's ages away for you).

Xfirefly Thu 27-Mar-14 12:58:49

thank you. I've given her her bottle at 1215 and going to give her lunch now. see how we go with that. sometimes when I've been giving her solids she's been grumpy and I've assumed that's because she's wanting the milk. overall she's taken to food great.

she has 4 7oz bottles (breakfast, lunch, 430/5pm, then bedtime at 7) The feeds at 430 and 7 she may only have 5 or 6 oz. She sleeps from 7 til 730.

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