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Weaning plan advice needed

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Kolakubism Tue 25-Mar-14 12:18:37

Afternoon all!

My DD is 5 months and I have started weaning.
Currently she is getting up at 7am and having a 7oz bottle
Another 7oz bottle offered at 11am followed by some solids. So far we've tried baby rice with her formula milk. And she's had some carrot and potato purée too. She really enjoyed both and was fantastic at opening her mouth for the spoon, moving the food around her mouth and swallowing it. She even likes to have her hand on mine while I put the spoon to her mouth.
Then she has another bottle at 3pm and another split feed at 6:30 then bath and rest of bottle before bed at approx 7 ish.

When should I be introducing more solid food into her routine? And what should I give? I've got plans to give fruit purées next and hopefully give porridge in the mornings too, when me and DH are having ours. Is baby porridge different? Or can she have some oft Quaker oats made with her formula?

When can I start giving her things like yogurt and more chunky foods? Or things like a breadstick or the crusts off toast etc?


Pregnantagain7 Tue 25-Mar-14 13:22:20

I would stick to fruit and veg purées and maybe porridge for breakfast until six months at which point the can have pretty much anything. I've always given ready brek and weetabix to mine and not really bothered with baby cereals. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving finger foo d until six months but I have never weaned before six months so I'm not really sure about that I'm sure someone will be along soon who can offer better advice. I'm sure Quaker oats would be fine as long as they have no added salt or sugar.

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