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Milk intolerance and constipation

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AnnaM84 Sun 23-Mar-14 10:31:49


My DS is coming up to 7 months and is currently weaning. He has from 3 months suffered with mucous and a persistent cough. We have been on two acid reflux meds, an inhaler and I did start to go dairy free (he is BF) about a month ago for just less than 2 weeks but stopped on advice of HV. They felt it was not in either of our interests as he didn't appear then to have any rashes.

A couple of weeks ago I started adding cows milk to his cereal and food. Since then he has been constipated and on Friday after cows milk on his cereal his cheeks went bright red. I assumed teething but then it seemed to spread to his chin.

Dreading going back to docs AGAIN as been a regular for months now. This has to be a milk intolerance even though he does not appear unhappy. He is definitely more unsettled at night but only odd nights where the constipation builds up. He is really struggling to get anything but a pellet out!

Anyone had experience of this and a milk intolerance?

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