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tessie31082 Fri 21-Mar-14 22:00:21

For my 1 yo is: 7-8oz bottle 6.15-6.45am, porridge or weetabix 8.15-8.30am, 4-6oz bottle 11am with a small snack (biscotti, organic snack carrot sticks etc), lunch (savoury and pudding) 12.30pm, 3pm snack (small pack of cheese- the cathedral city ones), tea 4.30pm (savoury and pudding) and then finally 6-9oz bottle at 6.45-7pm. Is this enough, too much, should I cut the milk mid-morning or just carry on as we are as DS seems very content and doesn't wake in the night for a feed or anything?! Thanks (1st time mum so not sure what the right thing is)!

ExBrightonBell Fri 21-Mar-14 23:47:03

I would say that you know your ds best, and if you're happy and he's happy and thriving then you're doing fine smile

Fwiw, The routine seems fine to me btw, although I didn't ff so I don't know what's usual for bottle feeds. It seems like he's eating lots of solids though which is great.

I would just carry on as you are, and only drop bottle feeds in response to your ds. If you're not already, you can give full fat cows milk instead of formula. You could also try moving to a cup for milk feeds instead of bottles.

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