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12MO still waking for night feeds! Help!

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AmandaNov10 Thu 20-Mar-14 22:27:17

Dd2 is almost 12 mo and is still waking for a milk feed every single night about 3/4am, I'm shattered!!! I know 100% she is waking because she is hungry, she's not eating enough during the day so she is hungry at night. I feel like I've tried everything! She basically eats a few mouthfuls then spits it out, throws it everywhere and is really angry and frustrated! I give her porridge and toast for breakfast, a mid morning snack, say crackers and cheese, lunch, could be a sandwich then yoghurt or stew and potatoes, chicken & veg, lots of variety always with a 'desert' of something. She then gets fruit mid aft a bottle just before dinner, dinner, more porridge if I feel she's really not eaten anything all day then a bottle before bed. I've already started giving her cows milk (1 in 2 wks) because she stopped drinking formula. I feel like all I do is prepare food, clean the mess and start again! I've even tried popping her in front of the TV( I know bad mum alert!) to see if she was so busy watching TV she didn't notice she was eating, but nope!! She won't let you spoon feed more than 2 or3 spoonfuls and will only feed herself a few bites then it's just everywhere. She just seems so frustrated! Help!! Please, any ideas!! I just need her to eat more so she's full at night!! Xx

anonforabit Thu 20-Mar-14 22:47:08

Hi, you sound exhausted and stressed you poor thing! Firstly is there anyone who could do the 3/4 am feed for you for a night or two just so you can catch up on some sleep? Dp, mum, sister etc? Second I know it seems odd but I would try and relax on the food front and only offer meals three times a day not snacks etc and if dd isn't fussed don't push it. It sounds to me like she is grazing constantly and so never feels hungry enough to eat a good sized meal and the 3/4 am fed will only be adding to that. I would suggest only giving water when she wakes in the night so that she is hungrier in the daytime, give her milk after her dinner not before, just before bed if possible, and see how you go. She won't waste away from not having milk in the night for a few days, she might be cross initially but it will be worth persevering for both your sakes. Good luck and look after yourself thanks

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