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Help with 'dry' finger foods?

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Starch1e Wed 19-Mar-14 19:28:18

DD is nearly 8mo, refuses to be spoon fed so am trying BLW. She shows no interest in fruit or veg (steamed or roasted) but will happily scoff Organix rice cakes or Plum wafers. She seems to dislike the feel of real food, any suggestions to what to try or just keep offering fruit/veg?

Eletheomel Wed 19-Mar-14 19:46:13

I'd keep offering fruit and veg anyway, but does she eat things like toast or oatcakes or pittas? Have you tried spreading avocado or fruit puree on toast fingers or rice cakes?

Will she feed herself with a spoon? If so, you could still give her readybrek mixed with pureed fruit etc?

What about soft dried fruits (like soft dried apricots/figs - crazy jacks do them, as do sainsbury's own brand) would she eat them?

Have you tried her with risotto rice balls? (risotto rolled into balls - you can sneak chopped up veg into that?) or meat balls? felafel?, things she can pick up herself to eat?

You could try her with banana porridge fingers (google recipe, very easy) or banana and blueberry pancakes?

Does she eat protein (meat, cheese, lentils, peanut butter, humous, fish etc?)

Polenta can also be good as a finger food (and you can put cheese on top of it, or I sometimes just smear a bit of pesto on it for extra flavour).

Have you tried all fruits? What about cucumber sticks? Melon? half a tomato? A whole apple (peel the middle of it and let her hold it between both hands and suck on it).

Is it just fruit/veg she doesn't like?

Starch1e Fri 21-Mar-14 17:47:58

Thanks Eletheomel, will try your suggestions over next week. DD will eat things on toast, sometimes, and dried apricots have been a success. Have tried cucumber, melon, pear, peach slices - DD just seems to find them all too slippery or unpleasant texture.

patsypancake Sun 23-Mar-14 13:54:52

what about stuff that's not so slippery partly cooked carrot or celery broccoli /cauliflower sprigs etc

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