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mustardtomango Wed 12-Mar-14 17:56:54

The answer to this may be simple, but ds is hugely interested in the social element of food (I think) and the physical action, but the food being in his mouth surprises him a bit. He'll gaze at our eating, want the bowl on his lap, open his mouth to the spoon or his hand and then is surprised enough for that to be all he's up for. He loves, loves, rusks though. No problem there, will eat till I manhandle it away from him /distract him so I can grab it.

I've tried porridge, stewed apple, banana, strawberry, mango, fruit mix pouch, root veg mix, baby rice (fail) those Carrot puff things and little hm oat, apple & banana pancakes (even making them I thought it a bit unlikely). He likes most of it, but I'm only giving tasters right now, he's 5 months. I'm not worried about quantity so much as approach. Will he one day want more than a speck?

We're eating at the table once a day together, him mainly getting used to the high chair, and I'm thinking of trying mushed avocado, and Carrot sweet potato and parsnip separately. Also we're taking it easy and not sitting down at set times or anything, though breakfast is always the same.

Does that sound about right? Anything you'd do different?

ExBrightonBell Wed 12-Mar-14 18:53:59

Is there a reason that you've started introducing solids at 5 months?

If he's not particularly bothered then I might leave it a couple of weeks, there's no rush. And I wouldn't give rusks often, they can have a lot of sugar in.

mustardtomango Wed 12-Mar-14 19:16:08

That's why I'm manhandling them away, so he doesn't eat too much smile we've got a hm recipe moving forward

And the 5 months is based on advice from the Hv and my feelings about his enthusiasm. He's showing all the standard NHS signs too.

Any advice about the food itself? The content and how other people have chosen to time food /give it to them? As I said, we're only introducing, he's not actually eating anything

Pregnantagain7 Wed 12-Mar-14 20:18:25

Personally when I start weaning I only introduce savoury things first and don't introduce anything sweet until they are reasonably happy eating all the veg. Then I slowly introduce fruit I've never used rusks.

Maybe he likes to feed himself try cooked carrot or over cooked pasta I don't know how comfortable I'd be with finger foods at five months but you know your baby best if he's managing rusks maybe he would be ok.
I've just started weaning my youngest who is 6 months and he spits out most of it and pulls a face like I've put poison in his mouth! But he'll get there good luck smile

Pregnantagain7 Wed 12-Mar-14 20:20:38

Oh and by the way baby rice is food of the devil never given it any of mine! ;) I work on the principal if I wouldn't put it in my mouth why the hell would they!

Eletheomel Wed 12-Mar-14 20:28:06

We started at six months, and to start with we only sat him down with us for a meal once a day (teatime so that hubby could be there too). After a few weeks we started 2 meals a day (lunch and teatime - DS2 isn't a morning baby so those were the best mealslots for him to be relaxed and happy) and it was a good 8 months or so before we started him offering him food 3 meals a day (he's still not really a bfast fan at 9 months)

Not sure how often you're offering food, but maybe scale it back to just once? The other times he can always sit with you and just play with a spoon?

DS2 really took to food straight away and by 7.5 months was eating tonnes with solid pooh, however DS1 was less keen to actually eat food (loved tasting it and spitting it out) and he was closer to 11 months before he started tucking it away - so don't know when your little one will eat more than a spec, but one day he will :-D

mustardtomango Wed 12-Mar-14 20:38:13

Thanks everyone, that helps and it's good to hear your experiences.

And pregnant, I tried the rice too... No wonder be wasn't keen! Grim

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