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Recipes for baby/toddler ice lollies

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weeblueberry Wed 12-Mar-14 14:05:46

I'm buying the Annabel Karmel ice lolly moulds since the weather is getting nicer and wondered if they came with recipes? Does anyone have them that can let me know?

Failing that does anyone know of good tried and tested recipes? I'm obviously trying not to give DD (10 months) too much sugar but I'm sure frozen fruit juice in small quantities is fine. Smoothie type recipes would be good too smile

FrumiousBandersnatch Wed 12-Mar-14 16:08:42

I have exactly these and they are genius. No recipes included but I just whizz up fruit and Greek yoghurt and freeze. Banana goes down well, as do blueberries.

weeblueberry Wed 12-Mar-14 20:13:31

Thanks so much smile

BotBotticelli Fri 14-Mar-14 20:11:11

Less healthy, but I have also heard that posh custard makes a good lolly!

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