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Purées on the go

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Smerlin Tue 11-Mar-14 16:28:41

If you are doing traditional weaning, do you still use homemade purées when you are out and about? What do you store them in and and do they need heating? Reluctant to use Ella's etc...

We will be doing finger foods too but want to have both options.

OwlCapone Tue 11-Mar-14 16:48:44

I used a whole selection of small clip lock boxes. They tended to have stuff cold, apart from PFB DS1 who had his warmed, and also I found that the Ella's pouches were actually great as you could squeeze them straight onto a spoon with no need to muck about with a bowl. Great for quick snacks on the run.

OwlCapone Tue 11-Mar-14 16:50:29

DD (third born) had many a bowl of cold blueberry porridge in the car whilst waiting for a morning activity to start!

Smerlin Wed 12-Mar-14 10:28:42

Thanks Owl- you don't need ice packs or anything to keep it at a safe temperature then? When I'm at work I leave my food out of the fridge half the day sometimes and still eat it but obviously v cautious about food poisoning DD!

Seeline Wed 12-Mar-14 10:51:51

I think it depends what it is, where it will be, and how long before it is eaten. I used to freeze batches of puree for my DCs, so if we were out for the day, I would take a frozen one in a pot, so that it was defrosted by the tie it was needed, but kept cold for most of the time. If it was a more sensitive puree eg meat, I would keep it in a little cool bag with ice packs, but fruit and veg ones I wasn't so fussy over.
I must admit though as soon as portion sizes started getting bigger, I soon switched to pouches and jars - easier when out and about, and didn't matter on odd occassions.

Mrswellyboot Wed 12-Mar-14 11:01:10

I bring a banana or avocado and mash it

Or baby rice and make it while out

(Only starting out though)

AlarmOnSnooze Wed 12-Mar-14 11:06:58

banana and avocado. nature's answer to baby food on the go grin

keeps fresh until you need it, and easy to deal with, and both brilliant nutritious foods - on their own and together.

Smerlin Wed 12-Mar-14 17:31:44

Yes DD's weight gain has been problematic since birth so I feel like I'm going to get through a lot of high calorie avocados! Will cost me an arm and a leg but I love them too!

hedgehogy Thu 13-Mar-14 08:32:22

You can get empty pouches which you fill yourself - Fill N Squeeze for example.

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