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grainmum Sun 09-Mar-14 18:11:47

Hi, looking for ideas. On our way back from a weekend away at a wedding and DS (9 months) has consumed so little solids that he's back to breastfed poohs requiring change of nappy. I'd taken some stage 2 Ellas, rice cakes, fruit and custard style desert. He mainly ate bits of bread, a few spoonfuls of any pouch and wheetabix for breakfast.
At home his food is fairly chunky - coarsely mashed or cut up tiny, lots of finger foods. He is milk/other dairy products/egg allergic, also banana and avocado. Any ideas? Thanks!

Artandco Sun 09-Mar-14 18:20:03

At that age I would give anything. So if you need picnic style I would pack some pesto pasta (egg free version) he can pick at with some veg, or just regular sandwich with humous/ whater, Or just some sliced fresh chicken in a cool bag. Pitta bread.

Can he eat all other fruits? At that age mine loved whole plums ( just watch if they reach stone), and slices of melon or kiwi. And cut cherry tomatoes in half, large chunks of cucumber, cooked baby corn.

I also made muffins. Spinach and cheese. Beetroot. Apple and carrot. You can make and freeze and just take one out each morning. Defrost in an hour or less

pizzachickenhotforyou Sun 09-Mar-14 18:21:33

What were you eating? Could you of given him some of your food?
Mine likes cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, halved grapes, kiwi slices, rice cakes, bread sticks, celery sticks- and if at grandmas then cake biscuits toast and roast potatoes!

grainmum Sun 09-Mar-14 22:27:42

Normally at home eats what we have. 1st night grandma's - she had ready made pies for adults but nothing for DS. I ended up making him a sort of soup from butternut squash and lentils but he wasn't very keen. Gave soy yogurt and fruit for pudding. 2nd day breakfast fine, toast with soya cheese for lunch, fruit. Dinner out at pizza express, took Ellas pouch for him, ate v little with several dough balls. Next day breakfast fine. Lunch tried bread with soya cheese spread again, hardly ate any. Didn't arrange allergy friendly meal for.him at wedding as thought it would be easier to take our own (pouch) didn't eat it. Home now and cooking lunch for tomorrow!

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