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Fussy baby also refusing spoon

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HannahLeonie Sun 09-Mar-14 09:07:25

Hi all, I have an 11 month old who over the last month or two has begun to refuse being spoon fed anything except yogurt, she gets really very worked up and upset about it. So I moved to finger foods and she's become incredibly fussy, throwing whatever she doesn't want off the side of the high chair, sometimes she also throws things that she does eat so I don't think all of this is deliberate. She has 2 milks a day, one at 11am and before bed. I put lots of different things in front of her, trying new things, old favourites, different ways of cooking things and still the same reaction. I used to give her a bowl with food in but now I'm down to just putting one or two things in front of her at a time so that she doesn't play with the rest while chewing. Does anyone know any tricks that might help? Any food ideas? Have I got an 11 month old toddler???? Help me please!

pookamoo Sun 09-Mar-14 09:10:26

Hi OP.
Have you heard anything about "Baby Led Weaning"? It sounds to me that your daughter probably wants to feed herself now...

There are lots of good threads on here. smile

pookamoo Sun 09-Mar-14 09:12:32

Posted too soon!

re. the dropping food, she is probably learning about gravity! grin Only half joking - at this age, she is doing all kinds of things to learn about the world, including droping stuff.

Personally, I would abandon the bowl, and just put the food on the highchair tray or a mat on the table. If you can get a cheap shower curtain and put it under her seat at mealtimes, it will make cleanup easier.

PartyConfused Sun 09-Mar-14 09:27:35

Hi Hannah,
this sounds very familiar! My dd is now 12 months (but prem so actually only 9 months corrected). She also will have very little milk and for months would only eat yoghurt.
How is your dd's weight? I ask because mine is way below the charts.
Strangely, things have improved the last couple of weeks. She is currently sat eating some toast. But as pook has said, blw is the only way madam will eat now. Tbh, this is the method I did with dd1 and I love it. But due to dd2 being very tiny I was advised to spoonfeed. She will still allow me to give her her beloved yoghurts!

I tend to just give her the food to hold now rather than putting it on the highchair tray. Not sure why, but she seems to give it a try rather than throwing or ignoring it.

Her favourites are roast potatoes and chunks of red meat. Just in case your dd has similar tastes wink.

HannahLeonie Sun 09-Mar-14 12:30:27

ok, thanks for the help and suggestions smile

CornishYarg Mon 10-Mar-14 08:52:51

DS became a thrower at a similar age. As pook sats, it could be experimentation plus I think they get to the age of testing boundaries and exerting independence.

We didn't react to it, just picked the food up and returned it to his tray. And eventually it passed... We used to just put a couple of pieces on the tray but eventually discovered he was better if we gave him his plate. Sounds odd but I think he could see there was more of whatever he liked best on the plate, so threw the other things in the hope of getting more of the favoured food. He much preferred the freedom of being able to eat all his favourite first, then his next favourite etc.

alinagutzer Sat 12-Apr-14 14:03:11

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