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8 month ds suddenly fussy

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Clarabell78 Sat 08-Mar-14 18:42:39

Is this normal? Have been weaning since 6 months on a mixture of purée and finger foods and have gradually gone from smooth to textured purées with no issues. He's been on 3 meals a day and 4 milk feeds. Usually porridge for breakfast and protein based lunch and dinner plus yoghurt or fruit. Over the last week he has started turning his nose up at savory foods. He is now only happy to eat fish pie or chicken risotto (home made). He will still wolf anything sweet or fruity like yoghurt. I'm trying not to make an issue of it and offer what ive planned to give him but most times end up having to defrost one of the meals he will eat after he refuses what he won't. He was having really good range of different foods but this is now dwindling and I'm getting concerned I have a fussy eater on my hands! Anyone have experience of this? Did it resolve itself?

ExBrightonBell Sat 08-Mar-14 21:21:13

I really wouldn't go down the route of offering alternatives if your planned meal is not eaten. Give pudding if you had planned it though.

They can go through stages of being a bit fussy, and I think it's key just to keep offering a range of foods like you would do normally. Sometimes they won't eat something for several meals and then it becomes acceptable again.

Parliamo Sat 08-Mar-14 21:27:33

Reduce his milk so he's hungrier? My eldest was a bit like this, I used to alternate spoons of pudding/ savoury. It's a lot easier now she can tell me what she wants!

The most important thing is to keep the emotion out of it, that's how you can end up with problems later IMO.

Clarabell78 Sat 08-Mar-14 21:51:26

I had wondered about offering an alternative... If I don't then do I not run the risk of him not eating enough and then being hungry? He's only just started sleeping through the night so I worry about him waking through hunger. Had also wondered about dropping his late morning milk feed? Should I offer a snack instead and if so, what?

ExBrightonBell Sat 08-Mar-14 23:25:25

I think with a bedtime milk feed he won't be hungry over night.

I'm also not convinced that you need to drop a milk feed, unless your ds is showing that he's not really interested in it. I didn't introduce snacks until about 12 months, when breastfeeds had been reduced by my ds himself rather than me deciding to.

StepfauxWife Sun 09-Mar-14 18:26:31

Bumping for you, I could have written the exact same post! My DD is refusing all savoury foods as well. She has a few spoons and then clamps her mouth shut, opening it only for yoghurt or some finger food.

I've been trying to relax about it as her milk consumption is fine, but like you, she has just started sleeping through and I really don't want to wreck that!

I'm wondering whether her food is too lumpy as she is showing signs of teething so I'm going to try and make it smoother and see how she gets on.

Good luck!

Clarabell78 Sun 09-Mar-14 19:02:17

Hi wife. Frustrating isn't it! We had a much better day today offering him purées that are smoother. Might hold off on the lumpier more textured stuff another couple weeks. Maybe he's just not ready yet!

StepfauxWife Sun 09-Mar-14 20:59:22

That's good to hear! Hope I have the same success with a smoother purée tomorrow.

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