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Please reassure me he won't starve.

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MyNameIsAnAnagram Thu 27-Feb-14 17:11:16

I am due back at work on 1st April. Ds2 will be 10.5m when I go back. He is bf and a spoon refuser. He is also a bottle refuser but I have managed to get him drinking water from a cup in the last month. As he is a spoon refuser we are blw and he really doesn't eat much yet, it's not really been a problem as I'm here to bf but soon 3 days a week I won't be and I'm really worried about whet his intake will be like.

Today he's had a handful of Cheerios, a tiny piece if cheese (didn't eat any if the pasta with veg sauce I made for linch) and a tiny bit of chicken and potato. I don't bf before meals so hes not too full - he tends to feed before naps so 9.30 and 2 ish.

Im hoping he will eat for the cm because there's no other option!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 27-Feb-14 18:42:50

I'm sure he'll be fine. Both of mine were bottle refusers and dd was a spoon refuser too. Neither starved, in fact both ate far more on the days I was at work. Be warned though, they both bf more on the days I was home smile

MyNameIsAnAnagram Thu 27-Feb-14 18:48:54

I'm prepared for that. And reverse cycling!

GreenGoblin0 Thu 27-Feb-14 21:08:59

He won't starve but he might he really hungry when you collect him my DD still is and she has been going to nursery for almost a year. Eventually he will realise that he needs to eat if you are not there to offer him milk. When First went back to work I would go to the nursery or home on the days she was there with my mum/DP during my lunch break to feed her, but I could do this as the nursery was only 15 mins walk from work. I would also feed her when I got there to collect her at the end of the day. Did this for the first month and think it did help with the transition- towards the end of the month she was not that bothered with the lunchtime feed. Obviously this might not be possible for you but he will start eating more. My DD has always eaten better when there other children eating with her so you might find your DS does the same.

MyNameIsAnAnagram Thu 27-Feb-14 22:17:28

That is a good point about eating better when others are there, he definitely does.

For the first couple of months I will be dropping ds1 at the cm at lunchtimes (long story!) so could feed him then if he really needs it.

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