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Why has weaning suddenly become difficult - aaargh!? Spoon-feeding in particular

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dodi1978 Thu 27-Feb-14 08:35:23

Weaning my 7 month old was a dream in the beginning... he took everything we gave him, some with great gusto, and even moved on to slightly lumpier textures.

However, we seem to have hit obstacles now. He had two chest infections in February, which meant that some food came back up due to coughing (and I also think he had some difficulties swallowing at times). This being finally over, we were sort of back on track. By the way, we are doing both purees and finger foods.

Things started being a bit difficult this week. On Monday, he refused almost everything (finger food as well as spoon), but retrospectively, I actually think he had a bit of a stomach bug.

Since then, he has started taking food again, but he still refuses almost anything that comes from the spoon, including things that he positively jumped for only last week (porridge, greek yoghurt with a bit of fruit puree). What could be the reason for this? Is that normal?

Maybe it's me getting tenser and tenser about it, or my lack of good timing. Yesterday, I started trying to give him dinner (a salmon based puree), but he started rubbing his eyes almost immediatelly and pushing the spoon away. Problem is that it is rather unpredictable when he is tired - he sometimes can last three hours between naps, sometimes one...

Or is it him developing his personality? He has become a bit difficult :-)) for nappy changes as well, turning over on his belly on the changing mat constantly. I had to put a nappy on the wrong way round as he wouldn't let me fasten the buckles at the front!!!

So... is this just a phase? Will it get better again? Any tips?

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 27-Feb-14 08:39:52

First thing, relax. Es only little if he skips a meal or two it's no big deal he has milk that will be enough.

They do this sometimes. Don't panic don't stress if he doesn't want it then leave it. Continuing will create negative assosiations.

He will return to eating just stick to milk and if he takes anything else it's. Bonus.

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 27-Feb-14 08:45:26

If he had a bug Monday he's probably still not feeling right it took my dd a month to get eating again after a bug at 9 months.

Don't get tense it won't be helping. If he's taking milk he will be fine!! smile

jumperooo Thu 27-Feb-14 08:48:46

DD wouldn't eat any puree, the first thing she tried was a lump of broccoli using her hands. Then after a few months she wanted to be spoon fed, so we did a mix of spoon feeding yogurt and wet stuff and letting her self feed finger foods. Feeding themselves with no mush or puree is also known as baby led weaning, though some people get a bit fanatical about that and ban spoons etc. I don't really go for parenting labels and strict ways of doing things. I would encourage combo feeding, let him to feed himself , if he likes it great, or continue trying the spoon with wet stuff. Please note - No method of weaning makes a baby less fussy further down the line regardless of what people tell you!!

dodi1978 Thu 27-Feb-14 09:10:35

I know about BLW - also didn't like how fanatical people get about it. That's why I do combo-feeding.

I know I shouldn't get tense, but my DH is a very fussy eater, and I am worried DS will turn out the same if he doesn't get a wide range of tastes now. With him refusing the spoon it is more difficult to introduce him to a wide range of tastes. I am really not up for DS eating salmon with his hands... toast soldiers and carrot sticks I can cope with!

Or am I over-thinking this 'he must have variety' thing?

It's probably good timing that my DH and I are going away for the weekend and my MIL will be in charge of DS for the weekend. Will be interesting to see how he behaves in her care!

I will not get tense, I will not get tense....

jumperooo Thu 27-Feb-14 15:02:06

DD has got fussy since about 13 months. I try and introduce new things but its usually unsuccessful. She would happily eat the same things every day. Have been told that fussiness is a development thing - a mark of toddler independence. And that variety isn't all that important to kids anyway. It stresses me out. I'm about to start giving multivitamins to try and bridge the gaps in her diet!

dodi1978 Thu 27-Feb-14 16:02:45

Thanks everybody. But - yeah!!! Young man has just decided that he will eat from the spoon again! Very relieved.

I actually do think that there is a bit of an independence thing going on - he is certainly trying to assert his independence on the changing table!

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