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Excluding allergens

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Longtalljosie Wed 26-Feb-14 09:25:33

Hi weaners grin

Has anyone heard of a nutritionist called Jill (Gill?) someone (not Rapley) who advocates excluding all potential allergens (dairy, gluten, citrus, nuts) until after the age of one, to avoid allergies in much later life?

A close friend is following this regime for her DS and I'm a bit concerned she's in danger of creating precisely the problem she's hoping to avoid - in that I've never read anything suggesting this is beneficial but have read plenty suggesting babies avoiding allergens completely seems to be linked to higher rates of allergy. Plus I am a bit hmm at the idea anyone could do a study showing a link to allergy in late life given most of us 70s babies were weaned before 12 weeks, and that's clearly linked to allergies, so is a major confounding factor.

However - clearly I don't know everything and perhaps I'm missing something. This woman has a website apparently but I haven't managed to turn it up on Google. Before I stick my oar in and lose my reputation as being a supportive, non-bossy friend (a lot of her friends / relatives have been quite strident in their rod-for-own-back advice so she's a bit advised out) I want to be quite sure I'm choosing something important stick my head above the parapet over...

ExBrightonBell Wed 26-Feb-14 09:35:19

Could it be Jill Castle? A google has turned her up as a US nutritionist with an interest in allergies. Nothing available on her site that matches what your friend has been told though.

bruffin Wed 26-Feb-14 09:38:54

The lastest research is actually looking at introducing allergens at 3 months. Google the Eat Study

Longtalljosie Wed 26-Feb-14 09:49:56

Yes I'm familiar with the Eat Study, and with Israeli children and peanuts etc. It's because the science seems to be going in the other direction that I'm concerned.

ExBrightonBell Wed 26-Feb-14 09:51:49

Can I just point out that the EAT study has only just begun their research and nothing has been found, proved or disproved yet. The EAT study itself still recommends that anyone not taking part in the EAT study still adhere to the NHS guidelines of waiting till about 6 months to introduce any solids.

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