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slightlyconfused85 Sun 23-Feb-14 19:59:34

I'm sure this is a common one but my DD who is 15.5 months has developed a recent aversion to vegetables....She eats well otherwise (fruit, dairy, carbs, meat, eggs) and will eat courgettes like they are going out of fashion, and carrots and onions when they are in stews or fish pie. She used to happily eat broccoli and peas, but these are now being looked at like they are poisonous and promptly dropped over the side of the highchair.

I would like her to eat a wider variety of vegetables, but I'm not going to turn it into a battle or get worked up about it - I wonder if anyone can suggest a way of serving some different types of veg that may tempt her (or trick her). I don't really want to get into covering everything in cheese sauce, but willing to try other ideas!


cleoowen Sun 23-Feb-14 20:06:09

I would leave them for a while and offer other things and then come back to them in a couple of weeks.

Don't worry this is very common and you will find she will do this constantly as she's growing up. I used to really worry when my ds did this but now I am not bothered as foods he used to love like sprouts and sweetcorn he would eat loads of one day and then the next day not want at all. Then couple of days/ weeks later he loves them again! They are strange beings.

cleoowen Sun 23-Feb-14 20:09:57

Ps I find mashing veg works well and then mixing it into the mash so he doesn't notice. Also I do mini pizzas, using half a whole meal muffin as you can put lots of 'hidden ' veg in that. Omlets would also be a good way of doing it, annoying as my ds won't touch eggs.

slightlyconfused85 Sun 23-Feb-14 20:13:47

great thanks cleoowen I'll try leaving those for a while and offering something else. I guess my fear is just that this will become an ongoing issue and she will be a non-vegetable eating toddler (although I'm sure not the first...) I find it odd that she loves courgettes so much; I think they are one of the most boring vegetables!

slightlyconfused85 Mon 24-Feb-14 16:50:30

Well tonight she has just wolfed down green beans so I guess just a change was required!

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