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Extremely picky 14 month old- HELP!!!

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Tagz269 Sat 22-Feb-14 18:29:50

Is anyone's 14month old going through a picky phase when it come to food?
Before my dd used to be so good at eating, she used to eat most things I gave her and used to feed herself with her hands. However now she doesn't want anything and is now so lazy and letting me feed her- which I don't want to do.
She is also very picky and is no where near eating the amount of protein she needs nor is having enough fruit and veg. She has completely gone off fruit where as she used to eat it before no probs.
Please tell me this is only a phase because it's really stressing me out. And if it was up to her she would eat sweet stuff all the time!!!
There is only a certain amount of times I can feed her fishcakes and peas (her fave meal)
Has anyone got any good recipes?

geekaMaxima Sat 22-Feb-14 20:04:39

Sorry, no recipes to give, but I strongly recommend reading Carlos Gonzalez's book My Child Won't Eat. His advice would boil down to stop worrying, your child won't starve herself, but she might be finding mealtimes stressful with the pressure to eat. Maybe just give her little bits of whatever you're having, and if she doesn't want to eat it, let her go play.

sharond101 Sat 22-Feb-14 22:01:14

My DS now 21 mo has gone through periods of this, usually each lasted around 2 weeks then he went back to normal. I found it coiincided with teething, as much as I hate blaming everything on his teeth.

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