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Blw, bf, constipation and not sleeping!

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Knakard Sun 16-Feb-14 21:14:47

So many issues I'm struggling to see the wood etc!
So dd is dc2 she is 6 months and 3 weeks not feeding issues really until weaning started at 5 1/2 months. Other than being a crap sleeper from the 4 month sleep regression which has never really solved itself. However despite 1 to 2 hourly (that's a good stretch) wake ups she has never been a boob monster at night and would resettle with cuddle/ sush pat.

Trying to do blw as did with day (6) with huge success. But she does not seem to want to feed her self, with the exception of cucumber for some reason?!? And just shouts to be fed but the 5/6 mouthfuls in gets very upset and wants out of high chair. She takes a good amount of water at each meal.

She is now also doing very little bf during the day but wants to feed all night which I am reluctant to deny as she has been quite constipated over the last 1-2 weeks so keen to keep fluids up.

Really don't know where I'm going wrong here. Meal times are becoming super stressful, which is the total opposite of my experience of blw ds which is why I loved it. Also feel like I'm getting her in the habit of bf so sleep now at every wake up.

Please help I don't know if I'm just so frazzled I'm missing the obvious.

Novia Sun 16-Feb-14 21:24:23

Maybe she just wants to be fed (ie: doesn't want to do it herself). Have you tried giving her homemade purée by spoon instead? You can always give her finger food as well, but it's good to know she's getting lots if different flavours (and more veg/fruit, etc to get her tummy moving). Your DD might have loved the BLW - but maybe your youngest isn't interested. My DD loves her food - but took a long time to be interested in putting food into her own mouth, she preferred to play baby-bird!

Knakard Sun 16-Feb-14 21:41:48

Thanks for the reply, that's what I thought so was quite prepared to feed her is that's what she wanted but it's the fact she get so upset 5/6 mouthfuls in. Trying more or less fruit n veg only while she's bunged up but not sure how long that's ok to keep going with?

Novia Sun 16-Feb-14 21:53:05

She's very new to food - so maybe 5/6 mouthfuls is enough at this stage. It's certainly more than she'd take in BLW (as that's taste/texture rather than always consuming much). I think maybe just take a step back and don't get too stressed if she isn't overly interested yet. It took weeks for my dd to take in a decent amount - we started on 1-2 cubes and went from there. It's still very new to baby, and she's having milk too.

When does she have milk btw? After the meal is better than before as better if she's a bit hungry (not starving). Also - I make a lot of fruit purées and stir them into Greek yoghurt - you could try that if she's constipated (avoid banana though). Apple, pear and blueberry is a winner or if she's v constipated try puréed prune and apple (works scarily well!)

Novia Sun 16-Feb-14 21:55:25

Also - my dd refused any milk except from me, but took water from a sippy cup quite happily. Make sure your dd is getting plenty of water as it'll help her constipation. Offer frequently during the day and before/during and after meals.

Novia Sun 16-Feb-14 21:59:06

But most of all, don't stress - you're doing brilliantly! They all get constipated when you add food into their diet as they've only had liquid up to now - their tummy has to learn to process it. Horrible for them (and you) at the time, but it'll pass before you know it. wink

Chunderella Sun 16-Feb-14 22:10:53

Sometimes it takes ages for them to take an interest in solids. And some of them don't want to feed themselves at all, as Novia said. I suspect there might be an overlap between the two actually. It seems logical that a baby who isn't that arsed won't bother reaching out to grab something they don't care about. It can be worrying, though, because it seems like babies who are interested in solids really early or those who are doing blw get all the airtime!

Knakard Sun 16-Feb-14 22:19:23

Thanks so much for all the advise, step back is definatley what I need to do I think, that's and crack out the prune purée ;)

rosiedays Mon 17-Feb-14 20:18:22

Hi my dd is 7 months, we're 4 weeks into weaning (bit of both) and my dd is very similar, somethings she'll eatt, sometimes she won't, sometimes she takes a few sips of water sometimes not,. She really enjoyed pineapple chunks andtbiscotti ffor lunch and rice and chicken with a few green beans for tea. She loves bread sticks and ellas kitchen fruit pouches but won't touch the veg one's. She's also bfing ALL night.
I've really struggled, it's not been fun so far but is getting better finally. Please try to chill about it. If she's breastfeeding feeding and still gaining weight your doing ok smile
We've got constipation issues to and I've found prunes in yoghurt for breakfast andt a pear for lunch for a few days got things moving grin I worry too about fluid intake but if you're getting wet nappies I've been told not to worry.
Hope you're feeling less stressed flowers don't know about you but here it feels like we'd just cracked bf them along cane weaning. ... where did our babies go sad

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