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How much milk to give when weaning

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Staceycoops Fri 14-Feb-14 11:38:52

After abit of advise on when milk feeds drop out and how much and when. Nothing really says how much you should be giving them milkwise just the food which isn't helpful! Currently he does the following:
8am baby porridge and then 6 oz of milk
12 midday- finger foods and 6oz of milk
5pm tea of finger foods,proteins and carbs and 6oz of milk
He doesn't stick rigid with this and has snacks in between if he wants and does like water too.
I just don't know how to move on from this stage, he is only 7 months and loves the food no issues there but I don't want to decrease milk if it's not good for him! Thanks smile

ExBrightonBell Fri 14-Feb-14 12:44:31

7 months is still early days, so I wouldn't drop any feeds yet. I would let your ds lead you with regard to dropping feeds gradually. Here is what the NHS advice is on this:

"Solid foods and milk. As your baby eats more solid food, they may want less milk at each feed, or even drop a milk feed altogether. Babies should have breast milk (or infant formula) for at least the first year, and can carry on with breast milk for as long as you both want."

This is from which gives the full NHS advice on weaning. Also check out the mumsnet page on weaning.

PrebendsBridge Fri 14-Feb-14 12:52:38

We're on 3 milk feeds now at six months. Dropped the 11.30 a week ago in favour of lunch, and also dropped the 10pm for him to sleep through so now he does:

7am - 6oz of milk
8am - Porridge made up with formula milk and pear/apple purée
10.30am - Snack of baby yoghurt, fruit or fruit purée
11.30am - Protein based puree(chicken/lentils etc with mixed vegetables) and offered boiled water from a beaker. Given remainder of snack after lunch.
2.30pm - 6oz of milk
5pm - vegetable-based tea, usually sweet potato and other root veggies. Water offered from a beaker. Given fruit after tea as finger food.
6.30pm - 6oz of milk. Final feed of the day.

Staceycoops Sat 15-Feb-14 08:23:40

Thankyou that's a good example for me to go with. I was worried he was abit too early for how quickly he has taken to food but that has put my mind at rest smile

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