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I think he's decided it's time! BLW

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ScaredToBeHonest Fri 07-Feb-14 21:47:10

DS is nearly 24 weeks. While I was eating lunch today, DS was sat on my knee. As I took a drink of fruit juice, he grabbed the glass and pulled it towards his mouth. I let him have a couple of sips of the juice. I was then eating a toasted sandwich and he grabbed the last bit and put it to his mouth. I let him have a suck of it before I took it off him and he then cried until I gave it back to him! The little monkey was then eyeing up my biscuit (but had to make do with looking at it!)

I think he has decided it's time for him to start having something other than milk.

I'm not going down the purees route but instead just planning to give him bits of food (BLW) - do I just start with long pieces of soft vegetables or fruit such as carrot, sweet potato, banana etc and then progress to other things such as toast, pasta and meat?

ColdTeaAgain Fri 07-Feb-14 21:58:12

Hi we started with bits of fruit (ripe pear is ideal), soft veg and buttery toast fingers. Just a bit to play with at first and just go from there. Honestly, just follow your baby's lead and before you know it they'll be having breakfast, lunch and dinner! It's amazing, have fun!

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