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Bankholidaybaby Fri 10-Jan-14 11:50:33

I'm planning to start weaning in the next couple of weeks (son is 20 weeks on Monday, 13 weeks corrected age). His head control and hand-eye coordination are not perfect, but good enough, and although he's far from sitting unaided, I can support him very easily in that position. The reasons for early weaning are that he's utterly delighted and excited by watching others eat, and he's seeming unsatisfied with formula alone (he's totally FF now). Because he is still a bit young and uncoordinated, I guess BLW isn't really an option, so I'm intending to start with purées and I have been buying spoons and bowls etc..

Anyway, I got a bit overexcited and ordered a Beaba Babycook. Do I need it? I'm hoping mainly to make his food myself, but to use some pouches when we're out/busy.

enormouse Fri 10-Jan-14 12:03:14

Errm I would say probably not. But that's just my experience with weaning ds.

I started weaning at about 5 and a half months and he hated pureed food and spoons so I left it till about 7 months and did a more mixed approach with baby led weaning finger foods and some purees. I gave him whatever we ate really.
He's a great eater now (2 years)
It would have been a big waste of money for me to buy a beaba. (Though I was quite tempted). Though if your ds takes well to purees it might be a better investment.

I bought an asda mini blender for about £5 and that was fine for making purees in the early days. I still use it for chopping onions and other veg. I also have a hand blender (also about £5) for doing soups.

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