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7mo DS massively dropped milk 6wks in to BLW

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Twoandtwohalves Tue 07-Jan-14 21:57:43

This is my second go with BLW and DS2 at 7mo is already eating food with gusto. Nothing really went into DS1 until about 9mo so this has come as a surprise. His milk has dropped hugely - ff from about 4x8oz bottles per day to around 4oz in total - offering before meals, at night etc but he's taking a few pulls then not interested. Never been a huge milk monster but this is a massive drop. I thought I was really relaxed about this but in fact have the following concerns:

Is he getting adequate vitamins etc? Lots is going in and coming out (and it's all good stuff: porridge sticks, bananas, broccoli, roasted veg, toast etc) but can I be confident it's beeping digested to give him what he needs? Should I find a supplement?

Should I be taking more steps to get some water in him? He doesn't seem uncomfortable pooing and his nappies are wet if not soaking. I'm offering a sippy cup with every meal but he's still just banging it about. Too much of a wimp for the purist shot glass option, I've offered the doidy cup a few times to just end up with it on the floor.

I know the whole point of BLW is trusting them to take what they need but he seems so small (and undiscriminating!) to be making these decisions already.

rallytog1 Wed 08-Jan-14 13:22:47

My 8.5mo dd (also a spoon-refuser) has just come out of a phase like this. For most of November and December she was drinking about 300ml a day maximum. Granted, she also had a virus for most of this time, but I did get very worried about dehydration.

However, she has gradually upped her milk intake again, and is now taking about 3x7oz bottles a day as well as her meals. I found it very stressful at first but am now learning to relax about it a bit more, as I figure weaning must play a bit of havoc with their digestive systems, particularly if they're straight onto real solids without having a puree phase. So hopefully things will settle down as his system gets used to things. I always knew when dd genuinely hadn't had enough milk, as she'd wake in the night more often and only go back to sleep after a milk feed. So if his sleep is still ok, I would guess he's probably getting enough nutrition.

Obviously I am not a hcp, so do speak to your hv or doctor if you're concerned.

Twoandtwohalves Wed 08-Jan-14 21:03:52

Thanks for replying rallytog. It's reassuring to read this has happened elsewhere as all the literature says "don't worry if not much goes in" but nothing about the opposite! Which I presume I can take as some sort of assurance. Sleep isn't amazing but no worse than before <sleepy emoticon>, since he's rejecting the bottle after a few pulls I guess it's not necessarily hunger.

Weasleyismyking Thu 09-Jan-14 23:03:06

i am of absolutely no use to you other than to say I've been having the same worry! smile
my worry is both nutrients and fluid intake.
DS2 8mo is eating loads and has dropped to 2 milk feeds (ff) of 180ml (6oz?) there doesn't seem enough time in the day to give him more. He has water with every meal but I don't think he drinks enough of it as he doesn't quite get the sippy cup yet (am also too much of a wimp for the open cup).
I've come to the conclusion that he'll let us know if he wants something and until then, carry on as we are.
he sleeps through.

BotBotticelli Fri 10-Jan-14 12:12:38

My DS also DS this when I weaned him. By 8mo he was down to 2 x 5oz bottles per day, and by 10mo he wouldn't touch a drop of formula at all! Nothing!

Now at 13mo he hasn't had any milk in 3 months (won't event drink cows milk the little monkey!). He is fine. Still up on the 7th centile. I was advised by HV to give him lots of dairy in diet (yoghurts, butter, I do a lot of cooking with cheese!) and vitamin drops you can buy from the chemist to make sure he's getting the vits he would normally be getting from forumala.

I tried everything to get him to keep up to the recommended amount of formula (and eventually, to have any)...cut back on solids, always offered milk first, tried it in numerous cups etc etc. nothing worked. It was like he had decided he just wasn't interested and just preferred food).

This used to really stress me out having read all the 'food for fun until they're one' stuff on here but ultimately isn't the aim to wean your baby of milk onto food?? I can't help it of my baby just decided to go there super quickly, can I?

Incidentally he is a great eater now at 13mo. Loves his food and is thriving.

Guidelines are just guidelines. How can anyone in te Department of Health know how much milk your baby will drink?? You can't force feed him it. Just follow his cues and offer a sippy cup of water at meals and throughout the day to help him keep his fluid levels up. Babies don't die if they stop drinking milk smile

BotBotticelli Fri 10-Jan-14 19:00:47


BotBotticelli Fri 10-Jan-14 19:01:07

Gah stupid iPhone. Meant to say 75th centile!

Twoandtwohalves Fri 10-Jan-14 19:43:28

Thanks - This is encouraging. DS2 actually got something out of the sippy cup today so I'm relaxing a little more. Weasley I am moving to the same place as you in terms of he'll let me know. Botboticcellihe's not due a weighing for a couple of weeks but he is clearly growing! I hope the HV will be as encouraging as the last one I saw re BLW I know they can be a bit weird, but as you say the whole point it getting them off milk as primary food source. Prepared for him to go backwards as teeth arrive but hey, let's continue to look forward to the days when the floor won't need cleaning 3 times a day!

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