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Trying BLW with a refusenik

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SidandAndyssextoy Mon 06-Jan-14 10:01:30

DId BLW with DD and it worked like a dream. She ate anything and was pretty much immediately eating three full meals a day. Loved food, loved the mess! So I thought I'd do the same with DS.

First month, he ate virtually nothing. Picked things up but nothing really went in his mouth. He'd try to eat things directly off the table though. He seemed hungry but unable to get the food in. We continue to give him 'proper' food and encourage him to hold it, but are now in a situation where we are spoon feeding him - at his demand and to his delight - and then he plays with the spoon and left over food, sometimes putting some in his mouth.

Do I just stop feeling like we've failed a bit and keep on encouraging finger food? He does happily eat pretty much everything of any texture, but demands to be fed, like a baby bird!

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 06-Jan-14 13:35:17

For me blw is just that, being led by your baby. He clearly is a lazy one wanting to be spoon fed and you can do this along with finger foods.

Don't feel guilty, you seem to be doing everything right by responding to your baby's needs smile

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