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A little advice please

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Lizzids Sun 05-Jan-14 10:36:19

I didn't want to jump on and derail someone else's thread, but I need a little advice about routines please.

My DD is 8mo (on Mon) and I started weaning her when she was 6mo. At the moment her routine is (times are approx as she wakes up at different times everyday):
8am: Breastfeed
9am: Breakfast (toast and banana or porridge)
10am: 7oz bottle and nap
1pm: Lunch (usually last night's dinner pureed and some finger foods)
3.30pm: 7oz bottle and nap
6/6.30pm: 7oz bottle
9-9.30pm: Breastfeed and bed (we usually start getting her ready about 8.30pm)

She gets quite antsy if we try and give her anything solid for dinner, but will happily sit for ages at breakfast/lunchtime.

My question is - does this sound ok? We've only recently dropped from 6 milk feeds to 5 (dropped a bottle at lunchtime) and today for the first time I dropped the 10am bottle. My plan is to give her lunch at around 12pm (as she woke at 7am) but I'm nervous about her missing the bottle in between!

Sorry this is so long - overthinking first time mum here grin

StormyBrid Sun 05-Jan-14 10:39:59

Looks fine to me. I'd just see how she goes for lunch - if she's clearly hungry give it at 12, if not, wait until the usual time. Remember to offer drinks though, as cutting out milk feeds means reducing fluids. My ten month old dropped all day feeds off her own back about a month ago, and we're now having issues with ridiculously solid poos.

Lizzids Sun 05-Jan-14 10:57:56

Thanks Stormy. She actually woke up after about 20mins so I'm about to give her a bottle anyway smile. Don't worry, I always give her water with her solids.

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