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remind me about blw please?

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shelley72 Sat 04-Jan-14 17:37:32

Should really know as this is dc3 but for some reason I am feeling really apprehensive about weaning this time round.

Dd isn't overly showing signs of wanting to eat food, she has only just turned 6 months so I'm not too worried at this stage. But when and how to start? Ds was about 7 months when he first swiped some broccoli and I cannot remember with dd1 as she had / has lots of food issues. She is too small to be in a high chair, cannot sit independently yet and is growing nicely along the 9th centile.

I BLW with the other two and wanted to do the same because I am lazy but I've forgotten where to begin, and with what foods. I remember lots of sweet potato sticks and toast fingers! I'm assuming she has no allergies / intolerance for the time being.


SweepTheHalls Sat 04-Jan-14 20:05:06

Ikea do a great inflatable cushion what holds them up in their high chair. I would get this and just pull her up and the table and stick a bit of what ever everyone else is having in front and let her explore and enjoy!

Twoandtwohalves Sat 04-Jan-14 20:13:33

I felt a bit like this with ds2, 6 weeks or so ago. Thought I must be missing something as I read up and angsted for ages with Ds1.

This BLW blog is amazing as is their Facebook group.

Ds2 is just 7mo and can't sit independently yet, he is wedged into his highchair with towels and blankets. He joined us at the table and basically started grabbing my food just before he was 6mo. Bits of toast, cucumber sticks, potato and sweet potato wedges etc, pasta twists, microwaved broccoli heads etc. what i found easier this time was I was already making pretty BLW friendly food (minimal salt) for my toddler so I could just cut it into sticks/wedges and bung a few bits in front of the baby.

I had blanked out forgotten the amount of floor cleaning involved.

Eletheomel Tue 07-Jan-14 08:30:38

I was the same with DS2 (he' just over 7 months) as had totally forgotten what we did with DS1. At six months we couldn't put him in a highchair (he couldn't support himself and would fall forward after a few seconds) so we just sat with him on our knee and started him with finger foods (melon,cucumber, toast, etc) and spoons dipped in stuff (yoghurt, mushed up cooked apple, cheesy mash).

It was messy (putting on an apron before sitting him on our knee would have been a big help!) but he was happy to start eating then and would get the spoon into his own mouth first time. Three weeks after this we tried him in a highchair again and he was fine.

I'm still trying to remember how I did it all first time round - it seemed so easy then :-)

shelley72 Thu 16-Jan-14 13:13:54

Thanks for the replies, am just trying to catch up so here's update. Dd is now sitting up independently and has been looking quite interested in us eating. So we took the plunge and with her sitting our laps, she has had sweet potato, carrot, banana, pear, toast, fish pie, roast chicken and yoghurt (handed to her on a spoon). After her yogurt however she was quite grumpy and seemingly tummy achey. If she had issues with milk (I'm thinking CMPI rather than allergy) it would have shown itself by now, through feeding?

Also, she had some smoked salmon and scrambled egg for lunch - am I right in thinking that this is ok (apart from the salt maybe). Is it just a case of watching salt, sugar and no honey?

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