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9m old refusing any drink but milk and is getting constipated/waking in the night thirsty. At end of my tether, can anyone help?

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emeraldgirl1 Wed 04-Dec-13 10:26:17

It's the sleep deprivation that's getting to me sad

DD's sleep never great so I'm coming to this off the back of 9 months of sleepless nights. But she was just gradually getting better, eating more consistently was really helping this last month or so.

BUT now she is getting very very thirsty at night because she refuses any water all day. She is dropping milk feeds (not entire feeds but drinking less and less milk as she is eating more and more food) and obviously needs the extra fluid as she is waking several times throughout the night, having a few sips of her bottle, and then going back to sleep (ie I don't think she is hungry, just thirsty).

Her routine with food etc goes roughly:

7am - 7oz bottle
8am - porridge and fruit
9.30-10.30 nap
10.30 - snack of cheese and fruit, I offer water but she refuses.
12 - lunch - shepherds pie, cucumber and avocado on the side, yogurt/fruit. Then around 4oz formula. I offer water but she refuses.
1-2.30ish - nap
3 - biscuit/fruit, I was offering water but now am offering a small 4oz bottle just to try to get some fluid into her
5pm - pasta with cheese sauce or tomato sauce and chicken, fruit, cheese or yogurt. Offer water but she refuses.
7pm - 7oz bottle
In the night, until recently she was having a 6oz bottle but now she isn't hungry (after all that food I' not surprised) and just has 2 or 3 oz, but twice a night.

I have tried tommee tippee beaker with hard spout but she won't drink from that. I have tried a regular little open cup with handles, but she won't drink from that. i have tried v diluted apple juice, she won't drink that.

I know she will drink if she's thirsty etc etc but she IS thirsty, all night long!!!

The only mild success I have had in persuading her to sip a tiny amount of water is in one of the little weaning pots she used to have mushed apple etc in when first weaning. 2 or 3 sips but she takes in too much for her to handle, chokes on it and then thinks it's a game/gets upset.

I was up every 2 hours last night, partly because she is now constipated too and was uncomfortable, other times just to give her a drink.

She then woke for good at 5am, I think uncomfortable as constipated, eventually got something out and had nappy change and then she was all perky and ready for the day.

I am beyond exhausted, it has been months and months of poor sleep anyway and now just as we were turning the corner and she was settling well and not waking hungry, she is waking thirsty... far more often.

Sorry, am rambling but I am desperate.

Any advice?

StarsAbove Mon 09-Dec-13 23:21:20

Have you tried offering water in the bath? My DD is 8.5m and is always trying to drink bathwater from her stacking cups! So I just fill one from the tap for her. She likes drinking warm water too so that could be worth a try.

sonlypuppyfat Mon 09-Dec-13 23:26:37

Can you freeze some juice into an ice lolly she might enjoy licking the juice as it melts. It might work it did for mine but they were older.

FastWindow Mon 09-Dec-13 23:38:20

OK this might be too soon for a 9 month old but you did say she was quite with it... Does she have a favourite telly character? Just like the straw suggestion, a favourite bottle or cup with <shudder> peppa pig or Minnie mouse might do the trick. But only ever use it for water.

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