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Weaning and reflux

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lem31 Thu 28-Nov-13 18:16:16

My 5 1/2 mo has severe reflux, just about controlled with omeprazole and reflux milk amongst other things.
We weaned using purees at 4 months, he loved it eating bowlfuls of everything put in front of him. Then he started whinging while eating, then eventually started crying as soon as I put him in his bumbo to eat or put bibs on him. Eventually had to stop. Still now he won't take anything off a spoon.
After a few days off we started baby led weaning which has been going great. He was very interested in it all, having a go at anything and really seeming to like it. Now once again he s starting to whine after a few minutes at the table, not really taking's not everytime, but getting more frequent and I'm concerned its starting again and he will start refusing solids altogether.
I always eat with him, even if its just a snack. I feed him before his milk 3 times a day so he is hungry enough. He isn't crying for food before I put him down and the timing has been working so far.
The bad solid food days seem to coincide with his bad milk feeding days, so could it be the solids causing him discomfort? Anyone else found this? If so, what did you do to stop it becoming an issue long term. He needs the weaning to gain weight really so I am keen to find a solution rather than leave it unless I have to.
Any experience or advice appreciated.

Petcat Thu 28-Nov-13 23:05:30

Is there any chance what you're feeding him could be causing him discomfort? My DD had reflux from early on and it turns out she has several underlying food allergies which have come to light as we've started weaning. Reflux is often linked to cows milk protein intolerance.

I also notice my DD eats much less solids on days when her reflux is worse.

lem31 Thu 28-Nov-13 23:56:51

Thanks petcat. We have gone down the neocate route and it didnt help his reflux and fussing so he was taken off after about 6 weeks. It's assumed now no food allergies although I guess it's a possibility. Because of his poor weight gain I'm being told to give him cheese, yogurt etc as much as possible. It certainly isnt obvious if it s an allergy. If only he could talk!!!

Good to know you find solid intake links to reflux too, but sorry o hear she suffers. Is she on meds for it? We found ramitidine was amazing for a bit then became ineffective. Omeprozole isn't doing brilliant things but I think its just taken the edge off it. Still not happy, but can drink 4oz or so per feed now. Very ready for him to grow out if it!

Thanks again. X

Petcat Fri 29-Nov-13 07:51:39

To be honest neither ranitidine nor omeprazole proved to be a magic bullet for my little girl. I am bf and it seems her reflux is probably linked to her reacting to allergens via my milk. We're still in the early days of diagnosis.

Definitely don't exclude any food groups without medical supervision but it might be worth keeping a food diary to see if your DS's symptoms are linked to a particular food.

lem31 Fri 29-Nov-13 08:13:36

Good idea, thanks for the advice. We are under the care of a dietitian so will speak with her about it all if i find any links. Reflux sucks, eh?

jane1995 Fri 29-Nov-13 15:34:26

my LO was diagnosed with reflux at 6 weeks but was only put on gaviscon, he is 6 months now and im starting weaning, ive been told off my health vis that banana can help alot with reflux so ive been giving him alot and I cant deny its helping! if your saying you give him his milk after hes had his food, maybe try give him half of his milk first and then start on the food then give the rest after, it might be something as simple as hes getting frustrated and wants his food quicker? x

lem31 Fri 29-Nov-13 17:20:41

Thanks. I've found that if he comes off the bottle its often hard to get him back on, but no harm in trying now he s a little older. X

MiaowTheCat Sat 30-Nov-13 13:09:14

Does the dose of his meds need adjusting if he's gained weight?

I have to say weaning did bog all for DD2's reflux (thankfully since we got her allergy sorted out with Neocate she's just a happy chucker... exorcist style) but made the endless vomit much more interesting unfortunately. Not noticed any particular trigger link with us - porridge I've found stays down better than lots of foods... and chilli con carne strangely enough (both my kids are chilli fiends)!

Mutley77 Sat 30-Nov-13 13:18:44

Agree with give some milk before offering solid food as it takes the edge of the hunger. If he won't go back to the milk after the solid food it probably means he is full and that isn't a problem.

Mutley77 Sat 30-Nov-13 13:20:34

Ps I don't think weaning is a good solution for weight gain at 5.5 months as milk is what they can consume quickest and it is comparatively high in calories.

lem31 Sat 30-Nov-13 18:57:12

He is over the max on omeprozole currently. He is being fed 2.5 hours after his last milk feed and is by no means asking for food by that point. His best solid feed is often first thing in the morning when he shoukd be hungriest! He doesn't go back on his bottle even with no solids in between so its not that he is full up unfortunately. He is currently taking about 3 oz per feed (offered for 2 hours) which just isn't enough for a baby his age. He is baby led weaning too now so doesn't get much food anyways tbh.
Ijustwonder if the solid food is also causing him discomfort and if so how I can avoid him having an issue with food. Medically I don't think there is much more they can do - possibly double up with omeprazole and ranitidine but not sure they will do that.
I'm just very frustrated.
Thanks for your suggestions - always worth trying anything! X

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