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Reflux early weaned Baby gone off solids...

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lem31 Fri 15-Nov-13 22:44:10

We were told to start weaning at 4 months due to very refluxy baby with poor weight gain. He started and loved it - eating at least 2 meals a day of mushed up fruit/ veg. As weight still not improving told to introduce cream, yogurt and meats. He loved the creamy things in particular.
Then he seemed to get upset when eating - crying but opening his mouth for more and eating it if I put the spoon to his mouth, stopping crying until he swallowed it then starting again.
Now he won't eat any solids at all. His milk intake has finally started to improve so I'm not too worried on that front, but I'm concerned as to how I can get him to start eating again.
I was thinking of leaving it a week and then forgetting the mushed foods for a bit and hitting the baby led weaning instead now he is a bit older. Is it normal for a baby to suddenly not want food though? If he does taste it he seems to just screw up his face and cry - and it doesn't matter what food it is, even if it is something he has always loved.
Could it be a pain association as his reflux as been bad? Or is this a normal part of weaning and i Should just keep offering the mushy food.
Any advice helpful! X

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 18-Nov-13 14:53:54

Could he be teething by any chance?

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