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undigested food in nappy

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troublegirl Tue 29-Oct-13 19:40:17

just started BLW - baby had terrible night screaming with pain, breath smelt like poop, awful wind. eventually filled nappy in morning. had lots of undigested food in it. was then happy all day until 6.30 when baby started straining and crying again. help

Angelik Tue 29-Oct-13 19:48:27

how old is your baby and what food did they have?

nextphase Tue 29-Oct-13 20:05:33

and how much food?

Undigested food like sweetcorn is common, small lumps of half chewed carrot, broccoli etc is also common, ime.

The screaming and smelly breath isn't what we experienced.
Even tho we blw, we still started with just the fruit and veg components of the meal the first few goes, then extended out to bread, dairy, then finally meat over a week or 2.

Mine were about 5.5 mths when we started.

mawbroon Tue 29-Oct-13 20:07:30

DS1 had this.

Years later, I discovered he was tongue tied and wasn't able to chew some foods properly, so was swallowing them almost whole.

But there could be all sorts of reasons for it apart from that.

mrsmartin1984 Tue 29-Oct-13 21:25:40

Undigested food is normal until they system matures. Are you giving water? If they are eating they need to drink as well or they will suffer from constipation

troublegirl Tue 29-Oct-13 21:30:57

baby 6 months

Food so far: carrot, sweet potato, potato and buternut squash.
Baby eat quite a bit yesterday. other days only had taken a small amount. today wouldn't eat anything.
Its hard to tell but looks like not digested any of the food.

Baby drinks lots of water at meal times as really likes tippy cup, also has plenty of Bf

LeBFG Wed 30-Oct-13 14:20:40

If your LO is struggling to digest food, perhaps his/her digestive system isn't quite ready for solids? Everyone likes to point at sitting up like this is an indicator for readiness, but surely poorly digested food (soft foods, like the carrots you mention) is a more accurate judge?

troublegirl Wed 30-Oct-13 16:02:21

Thanks - would you carry on with finger foods or stop for a week or 2

noblegiraffe Wed 30-Oct-13 20:10:40

When you start blw the nappies look like bfed nappies but with recognisable chunks of food in. After a few weeks of that they suddenly start doing solid grown-up looking poos, It's just a transition thing with the nappies.

The screaming and bad breath sound odd though. How long had it been between poos? Do you think wind/teeth might be an issue?
A sore throat can also give bad breath and would explain reluctance to eat.

nextphase Wed 30-Oct-13 20:15:49

I think, at 6 months, I'd carry on with a SMALL amount of food, and if they want more, offering milk, til the screaming and breath issues resolve. Those are the things I'd worry about, not undigested bits. How has be been today?

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