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Encouragement needed to keep going with blw

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Littlebagoflaughter Mon 21-Oct-13 12:14:07

Just started ds on solids, blw makes total sense to me so I've been presenting him with chunks of veg or fruit. Only thing is he doesn't seem interested in putting it in his mouth like he does with pretty much any other object he can get his hands on! I know blw is a slower process and if he was putting it in his mouth then spitting it out I wouldn't be worried, it's just the fact that he isn't putting it in his mouth but just smushing it into his highchair! I think I just need encouragement from those of you who have done it as all my friends are pureeing and I've never seen blw in action so am lacking a bit in confidence. Thanks in advance.

SwivelHips Mon 21-Oct-13 13:16:06

How old is your DS? Presumably you have just started weaning?
The advice is food is for fun until they're one, perhaps even more so with BLW. We did this, DS was probably around the 10 mth mark before he really started eating food and not throwing, mushing into table etc. I had to learn to relax, and if he didn't eat it then fine, he was getting all his nutrients from milk. I've always given him what we had so if he didn't eat it then I hadn't spent hours especially on it...early winners I think was a roast dinner (with roast veg), porridge and yogurt (we did loaded spoons, amazing how quickly they get it).

mrsmartin1984 Mon 21-Oct-13 15:32:31

It can take months for babies to "get" eating. Is he watching you eat? Remember that all their nutrients come from milk so it doesn't matter if they don't eat for a while.

How old is your baby?

Littlebagoflaughter Mon 21-Oct-13 21:35:05

He's 6months so it's very early days, I just had a moment of confidence crisis when I suddenly thought 'what if he never tries eating at all?' I know that chewing and swallowing come much later so wasn't expecting him to be getting anything nutritionally yet. Everyone I know has started weaning before 6months and is pureeing (and feel they have to tell you why you should be doing the same) so I've just been struggling to stand firm in my decisions. Thanks for the advice, 'food is for fun' will be my mantra.

RoadToTuapeka Tue 22-Oct-13 03:16:17

Glad to hear you are feeling more confident about it and relaxed. With DS1 I got ridiculously stressed about how much he ate (some of his peers were scoffing loads ...comparisons are never helpful).

With DS2 (now 9 months) I started more BLW but more mixed now, some days he eats lots, others just a little, and until he was about 8 months wasn't at all interested in breakfast, now has porridge most days an hour or so after morning bf.

I don't stress about what he's eating or how much, just keep offering reasonably healthy stuff and picnic type lunches with lots of things to try are great. BLW Gil Rapley book/website has lots of nice ideas that we like too (eg beef & onion stew but we made with shallots and extra carrots & a swede was a hit with baby & fussy toddler).

FadBook Tue 22-Oct-13 03:44:19

Are you eating at the same time as him?

This is a key part of them learning to eat, watching you and people around them eat too.

Agree with others that they will just "get it" probably around 7-10 months, each baby is different.

Have you read the Gill Raply book on BLW? This helped me be even more confident in my decision to BLW as well as advocate the method of weaning on to solids. It's a good read.

rootypig Tue 22-Oct-13 04:33:38

I started to see mealtimes as a mini sensory play. Consciously introduced new textures, colours and smells as well as tastes. That was I felt like she was still getting something out of it if none went down!

Second the advice about eating at the same time, DD also loves being at the table, we have this which is bloody marvellous.

dozily Tue 22-Oct-13 04:47:27

I felt exactly the same as you first time so despite wanting to do blw I chickened out.

With dd2 & 3 I did blw and it is so much easier! You just need a bit of faith at the start. So much more natural to let them go at their own pace.

Littlebagoflaughter Tue 22-Oct-13 10:09:17

Thanks all, this is just what I needed to hear!

TiaraTara Tue 22-Oct-13 14:54:10

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