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Eating too much? And is he constipated?

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IfAtFirstUDontSucceed Tue 15-Oct-13 22:16:27

Two questions:

DS has been on solids for a couple of weeks now. We initially started BLW but after a few wobbles from me he has most if his meals spoon fed. He still has the same amount of breastmilk at the moment, but he is absolutely hoovering down his food.
He is just over 6 months and I offer him 3 meals which he wolfs down (no snacks yet), so much so he gets upset if the spoon isn't in his mouth quick enough. He's eating a lot more than I'd expect him to at this stage. Is it possible that he can eat too much?
He does eventually refuse spoonfuls when offered. He hasn't thrown up yet since giving him solids which I'd imagine would happen if he had stuffed himself too much.

Also, DS's poos are changing and the last couple of days he's been straining but only producing small poos a couple of times a day. TMI but they're usually about the size of a Ping pong ball, and fairly dry (no marks left on his nappy). Is this constipation? As I say, he does manage to go a couple of times a day.
I offer water with each meal, which he guzzles - should there be a minimum he should be drinking in addition to his BM?
At the moment, he's mainly eating fruit and vegetables, with a tiny bit of chicken, pasta or potato added in his evening meal (no red meat or bread yet). He does have adult porridge each morning, sometimes with a bit of banana.

gretagrape Wed 16-Oct-13 06:55:43

When are you feeding him? I had the same problem with my son having up to 12 spoonfuls of food from day 1, but it was because I was feeding him BEFORE his bottle so he was hungry.

Now, I feed him food about an hour after his bottle, and also I give him the spoon to play around with - it slows down the feeding process so gives him time to realise that actually he doesn't need very much at all because the few spoonfuls he's had have topped him up.

3 meals for a 6 month old does sound like a lot - I think the rough guide is to increase by 1 meal each month so by 8 months they would be on 3 meals.

gretagrape Wed 16-Oct-13 06:57:14

Oh, also, re the poo, again TMI but my son was doing liquid poos before starting on solids, and from day 1 of eating food they changed to become a paste, so I guess it's normal that whatever they were doing before it becomes more solid once on food.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 16-Oct-13 07:08:34

I would perhaps cut a meal and give Ff/BM instead. It's great he loves it so but that's a huge jump from
Milk only to three meals a day and their bodies need time to adjust.

IfAtFirstUDontSucceed Wed 16-Oct-13 09:04:23

I have been doing meals half an hour or so after a breast feed, sometimes a little longer. Although, if he is really hungry or a bit tired he's not really in the mood to sit in his highchair.
I think I'll cut out his lunch for the time being, and perhaps give him food to play with in the evening to distract him a bit in between spoonfuls.

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