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How many bf when weaning?

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MrsCaptainJackSparrow Thu 10-Oct-13 16:13:53

I'm not sure ds is drinking enough. He's almost 7 months. He has a bf overnight (most nights but sometimes sleeps through) usually wakes at about 8 and I bf again. Baby porridge and a from age frais or fruit at about 10am. Lunch at around 1 and dinner about 5pm. Both meals usually homemade veg purées. Then a bf at bedtime.

I struggle to get him to bf throughout the day. He will perhaps suck for a minute and then want to sit up.

He'll sometimes have a feed if he's sleepy but he knows bf puts him to sleep do fights it.

I've tried giving him water in a sippy cup. He likes chewing on it but spits out and water.

I'm worried he's not getting enough fluids.

How many bf a day should I be aiming for?

Thanks for any help!

happydaze77 Thu 10-Oct-13 20:31:45

It's difficult to say how many feeds he should have as there is no way of measuring the amount taken per feed. Every mum, and every baby is different.
However, his milk intake does sound like it could be on the low side. At 7 months he shouldn't have dropped any feeds yet and solids should be complimentary. I think the advice is to offer milk first, and gradually build up their solid intake, so that they're on three meals a day by about 9 months.
At that aged was on about 6-7 feeds per day, and still has 4 now at 11 months.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 10-Oct-13 21:01:14

The NHS only recommend offering solids once or maybe twice a day until they are between 8 and 9 months. His solids intake is more like that of a 12 month old.

I'd cut back on the solids, maybe offer just lunch or maybe lunch and dinner. Have a read if this too smile

MrsCaptainJackSparrow Thu 10-Oct-13 21:12:16

Thank you for the advice. I will start to cut a meal out and work the feeds back in. He loves having his solids but gets frustrated with bf unless he's in a cuddly mood.

I guess if he's hungry he'll feed!

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