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Once and for all - wtf IS "baby pasta"????

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Greensleeves Thu 29-Jun-06 18:26:35

I'm having a stupid day today. Is it just little pasta? Or is it made of something special? I've never seen it.

Californifrau Thu 29-Jun-06 18:28:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

schneebly Thu 29-Jun-06 18:28:54

iota Thu 29-Jun-06 18:29:35

it's made by babies for babies, out of babies

Greensleeves Thu 29-Jun-06 18:30:23


I am serious, you know!

Twiglett Thu 29-Jun-06 18:31:34

you've heard of jelly babies right? well that's what baby pasta is

Greensleeves Thu 29-Jun-06 18:32:04

Everyone's teasing me <<sulk>>

schneebly Thu 29-Jun-06 18:33:17

I am pretty sure it is just over prices tiny pasta greeny.

iota Thu 29-Jun-06 18:34:29

omg it has a website here

iota Thu 29-Jun-06 18:34:59

should have put a link to the bat there, dammit

Greensleeves Thu 29-Jun-06 18:36:18


Plasmon Baby Pasta. I've seen it all now.

<<wanders off, mumbling to self>>

Californifrau Thu 29-Jun-06 18:37:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greensleeves Thu 29-Jun-06 18:38:33

So.... it's just pasta, but little? What's the point? What's it for?

Californifrau Thu 29-Jun-06 18:38:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

schneebly Thu 29-Jun-06 18:39:02

If you really want tiny pasta you can get stuff that is for soup like farfallini much cheaper than 'baby pasta'

Greensleeves Thu 29-Jun-06 18:39:58

Silly sods.

Mercy Thu 29-Jun-06 18:41:04

For me, baby pasta = soup pasta.

KathyMCMLXXII Thu 29-Jun-06 18:41:22

So.... there are enough people out there who don't know that you can buy normal pasta in small sizes for soup etc, for it to be worth their while setting up a website to sell people perfectly ordinary pasta at more than four times the price of normal....

Am fascinated by their baby rice. From the picture it looks like normal rice. Does that mean there are people who don't know that rice is small enough to fit into babies' mouths?

bundle Thu 29-Jun-06 18:42:40


iota Thu 29-Jun-06 18:43:44


Californifrau Thu 29-Jun-06 18:43:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Thu 29-Jun-06 18:45:19

it's everywhere

Nathanmum Thu 29-Jun-06 18:46:40

Sorry to be serious, but I used Orzo pasta when ds was small(er). It's about the size of rice, sso maybe I should call it baby pasta rice & charge a lot more for it?!!

hunkermunker Thu 29-Jun-06 18:55:52

"Welcome to Baby Pasta, as the name suggests we sell pasta for babies from 4 months of age"


KathyMCMLXXII Thu 29-Jun-06 18:58:34

Surely even if you are weaning at 4 months, you don't give them wheat till 6 months?

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