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Started blw-more tips needed

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plannedshock Sun 06-Oct-13 21:56:24

I've recently started blw and my dd has taken to it amazingly well, she has fruit, buttered toast at breakfast, plays/eats fruit, cheese, avacado rice cakes at lunch, and eats/plays with chicken, beef, green beans, broccoli, far, it's mainly big thigs she can hold and chow on how do babies eat things with sauces, gravy/pasta sauce on? Do I just put it on the tray and watch the comedy? Like a spag
Bol? Also when can they have eggs?

plannedshock Sun 06-Oct-13 21:59:41

She obviously doesn't eat the lot and I'm not hung up on mess or her eating at all! I just give her it when I eat, still breastfeeding alongside-1 hr before food, just going over everything incase anyone has any recommendations or I'm doing something I shouldn't be!

Bloodsocks Sun 06-Oct-13 22:00:16

They can have eggs from 6 months. I'm partly doing blw with dd and have been told soup with bread/toast to dip is good as they can then suck the soup off the toast so im going to make some next weekend.

For porridge etc I'm using a spoon but dd wields it herself after I've loaded it!

I haven't done the sloppy meals yet although my dm is making a cottage pie for dd next week so that will be fun.

ExBrightonBell Sun 06-Oct-13 22:18:57

Yes, things like spaghetti bolognaise - just put in on the tray. I would cut up spaghetti into short sections to make it easier to handle. Mixed into thick sauce it's actually ok to pick up. Anything really will work, just might take a few goes to get the hang of picking things up! If you're feeding 1hr before then she won't be so hungry as to get frustrated if she can't pick things up easily.

Exploring a variety of textures of food is a fantastic sensory play experience!

mrsmartin1984 Sun 06-Oct-13 22:45:13

Avoid gravy because of the high salt content. With things like spag bol you just stick it in front of them and hope for the best. If it's really messy I run a hot bath before hand so I can stick her in afterwards and strip her down to her nappy before hand

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