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Ideas for lunch for 9 month old

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larlemucker Sun 06-Oct-13 19:47:27

DS is 9 months. He loves his food and we do mainly BLW but he is spoon fed yogurt etc (he holds the spoon and feeds himself)
I'm just really struggling for lunch ideas that don't include bread. He doesn't like pasta or eggs and I don't know what else is quick and nutritious for lunch.
Is it ok for him to have bread everyday?
Today he had malt loaf which he loved!
He has lovely home cooked meals at nursery and I feel bad that I don't have the time to do a home cooked lunch and tea on the days he is at home.
He has ready brek for breakfast and whatever we are having for tea. He doesn't always have snacks during the day but if he does they consist of dried fruit, breadsticks, flavoured rice cakes, fruit.
He sometimes has oatcakes and fruit spread for lunch to avoid bread.
Somedays he eats loads and others he isn't interested.

Any ideas?

neversleepagain Sun 06-Oct-13 21:42:12

Mine have...
Cheesy scrambled eggs
Wholewheat sandwiches of various sorts (sardines, cottage cheese, peanut butter, cheese)
Eggy bread
Homemade thick soups with wholewheat bread
Homemade beans on toast (I make a tomato sauce with haricot beans)
Savoury rice (chopped and sauteed vegetable in brown rice)
Baked potato with cottage cheese
Vegetable & lentil bake

Mumraathenoisylion Sun 06-Oct-13 21:44:16

Marking place, great ideas so far..thank you! smile

RJandA Tue 08-Oct-13 11:16:12

I worried about bread every day as well because of the salt levels - I bought a second hand breadmaker on ebay and now make my own with no salt in so worry less. Quick to make, you just bung the ingredients in and set it off, mine has a timer so you can do it overnight. And it's delicious!


# jacket potatoes with various toppings (tuna, cheese, beans)
# selection of roast vegetables (I normally include some sweet potato, or serve with jacket potato)
# little pot of leftover whatever from the freezer, you can do rice very quickly in the microwave- not so easy for BLW, but we do loaded spoons and it's not too bad. Or low salt rice cakes.

Sossiges Tue 08-Oct-13 11:38:27

Rice Fusions are handy, rice and veg ready in a couple of minutes in microwave
Lentil soup or any other soup
Oven chips
Couscous, I roll it up in little balls
Mine mostly has what we eat for lunch, plus I have snacky food in case he doesn't fancy that, so olives, apricots, bits of cheese, raisins, crackers etc. also has times when he eats a lot and times when he doesn't, he has plenty of milk so it doesn't matter
He doesn't like scrambled egg but loves omelette

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