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Weaning - are we behind?

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PK1975 Sat 05-Oct-13 11:19:14


My DD is coming up to 8 months. I didn't go down the BLW route (first time mum and a bit scared!) so we did purées. DD took to them straight away. She also loves yoghurt and fromage frais.

We were told by the HV to introduce toast - which I did and she didn't like it (the only thing she wouldn't put in her mouth!) so tried fruity bread which was a hit. I'm now going to give her more finger foods. I've tried her with lumpy food but she just spits it out.

So, at the minute she's having puréed food, yoghurts and I'm going to get on with lumps and finger foods. Are we behind? Feeling a bit rubbish!

Grumblelion Sat 05-Oct-13 11:26:53

We're at about the same stage with my 8month DD. I try to give her something finger foody with each meal and have now started mashing instead of puree-ing. I also add bulkier things to the purees still in the freezer - mashed chicken/fish, baby pasta or cous cous. I'm trying to make sure she tries as wide a variety of flavours as possible before she starts getting fussy.
I've had the same worries about being a bit behind but have just decided to take things slowly. She eats happily & healthily & that's most important to me.

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