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Nearly 1 year old DD hardly eats a thing, is this causing the disturbed nights?

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insideleg Sat 05-Oct-13 11:15:51

Hi if anyone can offer any help I'd be grateful. DD is nearly one. We began weaning at six months with many problems- refusing anything other than smooth puree, refusing anything savoury etc. She will now basically only eat weetabix, bread, yogurt, some fruit and that is pretty much it. We try every meal time to offer something new but she will spit it all out.
She is still waking many times in the night and it is just killing me. I am now back to work and we also have a DS who is nearly 3.

Is it possible that she is waking during the night so many times as she could be hungry? I give her a sleepy bottle at 10pm and then again at anytime after 2am.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am thinking of giving her weetabix for dinner to fill her tummy up a bit more that a tiny piece of bread. Just really don't know what to do

dickiedoodah Mon 07-Oct-13 19:12:16

Hi insideleg, I didn't want to read and run because I have a DD who has just turned one who doesn't have a huge appetite so I can sympathize! She eats pretty well now but for a long time it was an uphill battle and I was desperate to get food into her so she would sleep for more than four hours at night. She still feeds once during the night but I try to give her mash potato and pasta to fill her up! My DD also eats weetabix at breakfast and I also thought about giving it to her for dinner and sometimes for lunch!! Sweet potato is also another good option, I like to mix cream cheese into it to make it extra creamy. I've also tried things like rice pudding, semolina and custard. Hope it gets better for you soon, I know the constant up and down at night is terrible especially if you have to work and look after another child.

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