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9month old food

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Kafri Fri 04-Oct-13 03:41:45

DS is doing well with weaning. He was slow to get started but we seem to be getting somewhere now.

He had started to wake again in the night and the only thing that will settle him is milk. He's finishing a full 6oz bottle.

Days look (something like this)

6.30 - 6oz
10.00 - rice crispies or Cheerios
12.30 - lunch (half to full jar plus fruit for pudding)
3.30 - tea (half to full jar plus petit filous/baby biscotti) and usually
4.30 4/5 oz milk
7.00 8/9 oz of milk

He usually has a couple of snacks of banana/dry Cheerios/baby puffs etc

In the night ONLY milk will settle him. He wakes pretty much every night now bar the odd one - is it 9m sleep regression/developmental and I should just ride it out or can anyone offer any tweaks to his day that I'm missing.

He has his breakfast quite late when he wakes from morning nap but if I offer it earlier he just refuses and gets upset.

My other issue is him not eating as much for me at home as he eats for the girls at nursery. He quickly becomes upset in his high chair at home and as much as I try to distract him to get him to eat more, he's having none of it.
For example - at nursery he regularly eats a full jar for each meal plus all his pudding where I'm lucky if I can get half in sometimes.

Kafri Fri 04-Oct-13 03:48:00

Oh I should add,

He is dairy intolerant at the min. We have recently started to introduce petit filous which he likes but normal yoghurt doesn't agree (don't know the full differences between them)

RJandA Sun 06-Oct-13 19:40:15

I am no expert but just some thoughts comparing with my 9 month old....

Tea looks a bit early to me. Could you give a snack at 3.30 and push tea a bit later? Mine has his between 5 and 6, ideally it would be at 5 but depending what else is happening that day we're not always ready then.

Perhaps increase protein? I think it's the protein that helps make you feel full and keeps you full for longer as it takes longer to digest? By this I mean meat, fish, beans, hummus, things like that. Jars are generally pretty low in protein, even the ones called things like "roast chicken dinner" generally have only about 10% meat which isn't really very much.

But then again, my 9 month old doesn't sleep through either so what do I know? smile

beckslovestimmy Tue 08-Oct-13 11:48:17

My 9month old has 4x milk feeds during the day. Maybe fit in another bottle in the day giving evening meal a bit later? We do

8.30 6oz formula
9.15 porridge
12.00 6oz formula
13.00 lunch (main + pudding)
16.00 6oz formula
17.00 dinner (main + pudding)
19.00 8oz formula

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