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Smoked salmon for 1yo

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mrsmartin1984 Sat 28-Sep-13 23:12:15

My 7 month old loves it.

sparklekitty Sat 28-Sep-13 20:58:12

Thanks, we tried her with it and cream cheese, totally not interested. Also not interested in birthday cake cant possibly be my DD.

May try it again next time DH has it, not a common occurrence in our house so not too worried about salt content as it would be very infrequent.

Might try cake again tmrw, odd child!

Fairylea Sat 28-Sep-13 07:35:35

Ds loves it ! High in calcium too.

Effjay Sat 28-Sep-13 07:34:31

Just watch the salt content - a little bit is fine, but you might find the whole recommended daily intake for a 1YO in one slice

RuByMaMa Sat 28-Sep-13 07:27:28

This was dd1's favourite food when she was weaning along with a bit of cream cheese on toast. Also good quick meal stirred through pasta with cream cheese and peas.

phantomhairpuller Sat 28-Sep-13 07:24:03

DS1 loved it at that age- and still does!

mummybare Sat 28-Sep-13 07:19:37

It's a bit salty but I would have thought a little bit would be fine. DD had some on holiday at about that age. I don't think the 'uncookedness' is a problem though.

DropYourSword Sat 28-Sep-13 07:19:21

Might be in the minority here, but I can't see the harm.

SizzleSazz Sat 28-Sep-13 07:19:07

Or even

SizzleSazz Sat 28-Sep-13 07:18:51

It'll be fine. She'll love it it hate it!

DoItTooJulia Sat 28-Sep-13 07:17:30

So it's cold smoked then?

sparklekitty Sat 28-Sep-13 07:15:23

Its my DD birthday party today, she is BLW. We're making lots of different sandwiches and was wondering if she could have a bit of smoked salmon?

I'm vegie so have no clue about these things, I thought smoked salmon was cooked but apparently not blush Think its the uncooked bit that making me question it.

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