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What changes when weaning?

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BooMeowson Wed 25-Sep-13 09:04:06

Our boy has turned 5 months and we feel we would like to start a mix of BLW and TW pretty soon. I was just wondering what we can expect when we do this? I've heard of nappy changes etc but what else can we expect?

Will he sleep better because he is fuller?
Or worse because his digestive system is working harder?

What changes did you notice with your baby when weaning? (Also trying to time the start of it, before our hol or after!)

minipie Fri 27-Sep-13 08:43:50

More things to fit into the day - as you now have up to 3 meals as well as all the milk feeds. So we were at home a bit more for the first week or two until I reckoned she was safe to be fed in public!

But, more flexibility in a different way - as they are fed more often, they're not so desperate for milk, so a milk feed which used to have to be the moment they woke from their nap can now be say 20 mins later and they don't mind.

better naps and night sleep - BUT not until on 3 meals a day, fairly large portions and protein etc. So 7/8 months rather than 6.

taking less milk - so if you are BFing, you need to cut down what you're eating (I didn't and put on a fair bit of weight)

dd was constipated at the start, banana was really bad for causing that. puree some prunes or dried apricots and give them a bit if the poos start to get too solid.

more laundry! I suggest a muslin tied around the neck, with a rubber bib on top, to minimise neck soakage.

Discolite Fri 27-Sep-13 11:29:48

I echo the poo and stained clothes etc comments. I have sleeved bibs from Asda and a rubber bib on top. I don't feed DS in his nice clothes as he still mushes carrot into his leg somehow! Sleep is the same and I'm 4 weeks in (started at 25 weeks).

The thing that I didn't bargain for was what Minipie said - it can take ages to feed them. I have usually long since finished my meal and am waiting for DS to finish. Also cooking for him takes longer. I am doing a mix of BLW and spoon feeding of things like porridge and the 'they eat the same thing as you' sounds lovely but in my experience it's not happening at the moment, partly because he can't pick up certain foods as they're too slippery and partly because he's dairy free after he broke out in hives after eating yoghurt despite having had it for two weeks without any problem!

I am having to get up even earlier to prepare and clean up his breakfast, make sure i take food out for his lunch and ensure I'm home in time for his dinner so I am definitely time poorer than when I was EBF.

It is good fun though! DS has really taken to food enthusiastically and it's nice to see what his preferences are.

BooMeowson Fri 27-Sep-13 20:37:56

I love all these answers thank you for taking the time everyone! Lots of things to consider!!

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