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Under the table

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Icklemariposa01 Fri 20-Sep-13 08:53:27

Hello all,

I have posted here before about having problems with my 7 month DD and weaning. She still clamps her mouth shut when feeding her.

I have tried everything and nothing really works. However, we are getting along with a bit of BLW and a bit of feeding her what we are having or when we are eating.

The other day mum sat DD on her lap and she wanted to eat mums broccoli and she ate it. Then another day we went to Wagamamas and put her in those attachment chairs and fed her some baby rice cakes and a few veggies and was very receptive. And then we went to another shop were they had a cafe with a plastic version of the stokke and she ate a bit there.

So! It seems she likes being with us. We have inherited a highchair and I hate it. It's one of those mulit function massive heavy Chicco chair.

Any recommendations please thank you ?? I have heard greatness of the c but does it fit under the table and what about the foot rest?

Is the stokke safe, heard about it toppling over, any cheaper lookalikes?

Thanks very much for your help!

VisualiseAHorse Fri 20-Sep-13 10:00:42

I like our basic wooden baby weavers one from Kiddicare. Looks nice, small, tray flips back so you can push it under the table.

But you do need an insert, fisher price, mothercare and east coast all make ones that fit.

Icklemariposa01 Fri 20-Sep-13 10:45:09

Thanks VAH

Yes an insert would be good at the mo.

I did have my beady eye on the weaver too smile I shall investigate


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