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How much/when to stop?

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beckslovestimmy Sun 15-Sep-13 17:45:31

DD is 8months old, we started weaning at 5.5months. We have been doing traditional weaning + finger foods. In the last couple of weeks she seems to have 'gotten it' she now
eats really well, opening her mouth for the spoon or putting food in her own mouth.

She has 3 meals a day, small bowl of porridge and sometimes 1/2 a slice of toast for breakfast. 1/2 a 7month + jar/pouch (about 80g) or homemade mashed food, + 4-5 strawberries cut up or 1/2 a nectarine for lunch. Same amount of purée/mashed food for dinner + natural yoghurt (60g ish) . She has 4 bottles of formula a day too.

When she's having her solids I think she would eat more, she keeps opening her mouth, I'm deciding her portion sizes. Should I feed her solids until she turns her head, shows signs she's finished, or carry on as I am? She goes 4hrs between bottles and has no feeds at night? Thank you for any advice you have.

FreeWee Sun 15-Sep-13 19:33:33

I asked my HV that question. She said keep feeding till 7 month DD stops! So I started and bizarrely she only wanted a couple more spoonfuls than I had been giving her e.g. I'd give her three teaspoonfuls of porridge oats with milk which she'd polish off. So I started making up 4 teaspoonfuls and she doesn't finish that. So it's somewhere in between and that's fine apparently. You could always have a small amount of extra frozen somewhere or if you're doing pouches decant the food into smaller pots and if she finishes a whole pouch then give her a small extra pot so if she eventually stops opening her mouth you haven't wasted a whole other pouch or frozen portion. My DD shows she's had enough by refusing to open her mouth, turns her head or blows the food out in raspberries. Then I definitely know to stop as it goes in my face! If you need reassurance then ask your HV next time you get your DD weighed. I now always feed my DD till she refuses and she's spot on tracking her weight line still. I started weaning my DD at 25 weeks if that helps.

beckslovestimmy Sun 15-Sep-13 20:23:17

Thanks Freewee, I'm going to get her weighed tomorrow. I've been a bit lax as I haven't had her weighed since July. She's started to look less 'round' in the face as she started crawling recently. It'll be interesting to see how she's trackingsmile her centile line as she's followed it spot on for months.

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