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What to feed a 9 month old who is always sick when fed?

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Tagz269 Sat 14-Sep-13 09:24:22

My DD is 9 months and mealtimes are becoming a real pain! She's fine with all smooths foods savoury and sweet. However, when it comes down to the lumps all hell breaks lose! She only takes lumps if I feed bite sized pieces to her or she does feed herself a few bits however this mostly gets mushed in her hands or on the floor. Other times I feed her some lumps, she gags and throws up EVERYWHERE! Not just a little ALOT! Tmi sorry! I know this is her body's natural defence from choking but it's been going in for AGES!!! The HV said persist with lumps, easier for her to say when this happens!!
So my question anyone in this situation or has been? And how did you overcome this? And what did you feed them?
My lo seems to work best with individual lumps and not mixed/textured.

DD really struggled with lumpy food for a long time well past 12m. Was much better with real food or smooth but not lumpy stuff. I would suggest just keep offering mix of foods as most get there in the end.

Eg she couldn't/wouldn't eat lumpy food but would eat chips or garlic bread etc

She eats normally now BTW grin but still a fussy bugger

Gurke Sat 14-Sep-13 09:36:57

My DS has a really sensitive gag reflex too - it's so frustrating, isn't it, to see them drink/ eat & it all to come out because of a minuscule lump of avocado or something...

To be honest, I had to go down the BLW route, because it got to a point where he categorically refused to be spoonfed. Since then there were still some spectacular vomits, but he has learnt really quickly how to avoid them (on the whole). He is now very adept at using his fingers and gums to break down lumps or pieces. Hard crumbs still make him gag sometimes (e.g. from oat biscuits), but it is really much better now.

So: I would say your DC will grow out of it eventually, but you could try giving finger foods to speed up the learning process.

OrganixAddict Sat 14-Sep-13 09:52:46

If she will eat individual lumps I'd go with giving her finger foods and seeing how she gets on. You can give yoghurt and fruit puree for pudding (or some other banker you know she will eat). At 9 months milk is still more important than food anyway.

I know it is hard when your child won't eat - my dd1 would never eat a puree or anything on a spoon and I would feel awful as I saw other babies devouring whole pots of stuff. Even when I switched to letting her self feed finger foods, the amount she ate was still tiny. But she is 7 now and eats absolutely fine.

Try to think ad this time as being for her to experiment and learn about food, favours, texture etc and give her a variety. Eventually she will start to eat. I'd try to put it in her control though - you don't say if being sick distresses her or not, but I wouldn't want her to associate eating with being sick, in case it makes her more resistant to trying things.

God, that sounded more preachy and doom-mongering than I intended when all I am trying to say is that what worked for me was giving them food and leaving them to eat (or not).

Tagz269 Sat 14-Sep-13 10:07:28

organixAddict she doesn't get distressed at all. Just needs to get it out and then carries on
And Gurke it was only yesterday that she was sick on an avocado but the day before she took it
I will persist with finger foods

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