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Am i giving my 6.5mth old too little milk?

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Grimmers87 Sun 08-Sep-13 13:09:02

Sorry this is long!! My 6.5mth old DS has been weaning since 5mth, recently he was weighed and has shot up from the 9th centile curve to the 50th so HV told me to reduce his milk feeds. (He weighs 18lb which i didnt think was alot)

This is a typical day...

7:30 - 7oz bottle
8:30/9 - breakfast (either porridge or baby biscottis mixed with alittle fruit puree or milk
11:30/12 - lunch of fruit puree
3pm - 7oz bottle
6pm - tea of some form of pureed veg/chicken
9pm - 7oz bottle

To me this doesnt seem alot and im concerned hes not getting enough but then he was putting too much weight on before so maybe this is right? He doesnt like savoury food much either so im worried im giving him too much fruit based meals.

FTM as u can probably guess and no idea what im doing! Please help me!

ilovepowerhoop Sun 08-Sep-13 15:10:09

a minimum of 20oz is recommended so he is having around that amount. I wouldn't reduce any further though.

Grimmers87 Sun 08-Sep-13 15:53:45

Thank u! I know it says on the formula box that from 6months they need about that amount but it just seemed not alot compared to how much he was having.

The solids he has doesnt seem to equate to the same amount of milk hes stopped having

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