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One year old diet - is this ok? Should he poo this much?

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sharond101 Sat 07-Sep-13 22:16:55

My 15mo poos 3 times and fairly soft. He has

2 weetabix with cows milk and fruit
homemade soup, /2 slice bread, custard and fruit
rich tea bisuit as snack
homemade dinner (e.g. mince,potatoes and vegetables, turkey mince and vegetable quesadillas, pasta pesto with chicken and corn)
cows milk before bed

KittenCaboodle Sat 07-Sep-13 12:41:06

Google Bristol? Poo scale. What do you mean by soft? Sounds normal to me.

bronya Sat 07-Sep-13 12:38:53

Morning bf
Breakfast: wholegrain rice cereal, yoghurt and fruit
snack: mini banana
Lunch: half sandwich with cheese and ham
snack: milk/yoghurt
dinner: normal family meal (meat, two types of veg, potatoes/rice/pasta and home-made sauce)
Evening bf

He poos an awful lot! 3 times a day on average, and they're really soft! I was debating swapping the cereal and bread to 'white' versions - is he getting to much fibre? We don't eat cake or pastry usually - should he eat things like that to get enough food with less fibre?

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