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Is this ok for a schedule? For a 9 month old

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Tagz269 Fri 06-Sep-13 15:17:58

This is my dd's schedule:

8.30 wake - 7oz bottle (usually all but not always)
Back to bed
9.30- weetabix with fruit purée
Nap somewhere in between
2pm- lunch
4pm- bottle 7oz (not all most of the time)
5.30/6pm- dinner
8pm bottle then bed
My mum seems to think 2pm is late for lunch but I've tried to alter it and give it at 1pm and she's just so tired and doesn't eat all of it.
Can you please share your routines for this age?


oscarwilde Fri 06-Sep-13 15:29:09

It sounds fine if she's eating well?. Ours is broadly the same except it starts earlier and finishes earlier about 7pm so whatever works for you.

8am Breakfast, milk after (or won't eat it) Weetabix with chopped banana, sliced peeled apple to chew after while toddler plays with food.
Nap 9.30 - 10am
Lunch 12 sharp. Milk after
Nap - 1-3 (water)
Dinner 5pm, Milk 6-7

We eat out on weekends with friends and family and the 12pm for lunch is a PITA as most adults aren't ready for lunch until 1.30 or so. Point out the advantages smile

SusuwatariToes Fri 06-Sep-13 15:41:18

We don't have a strict routine but our days usually look something like this:

7am - wake up (if I'm lucky!)
7.30am - breakfast (also wheetabix with fruit purée) with water
9am - bf
9-10.30am - nap
12pm - lunch with water
1pm - bf
1-2.30pm - nap
4pm - rice cake
6pm - dinner with water
7.30pm - bf
8pm - bed time

Occasionally he'll have a short nap in the afternoon if the other naps were shorter but that's becoming a rarity.

Oceansurf Fri 06-Sep-13 15:46:18

6.30 awake - 8 oz

8am - nap for about 45 mins

9ish - breakfast, usually porridge with fruit, and some water

11.30 Nap, for about 30-45 mins

1.00 Lunch with water

2.30 - nap

3 - Bottle 4-5oz

5 - Nap

6pm Dinner (spag bol, protein/veg/fish)

Bath routine and wind down for bed.

7pm Bottle 8oz

7.15 Bed smile

I don't think 2pm is late for lunch when your DD is getting up so late in the morning? All relative isn't it!

Tagz269 Fri 06-Sep-13 18:12:41

Thanks. What dishes do you usually serve up? I need to find a way of getting protein in her diet

SusuwatariToes Fri 06-Sep-13 19:36:17

I usually do finger foods at lunch time. Cheese and veggies then fruit. Then protein at dinner. Chicken and carrots and rice (puréed) is his favourite. My "lazy" dinner is mashed potato with tinned tuna mushed in.

Tagz269 Sat 07-Sep-13 09:45:02

SusuwatariToes do you completely purée the chicken dinner? I've made loads of dishes and puréed them but madam doesn't like the texture! :/ she either likes smooth or lumpy bits with no smooth I.e 7month jars!
Do you spoon feed the jacket and tuna?

SusuwatariToes Sat 07-Sep-13 15:38:39

Yes the potato and tuna is spoon fed.
Yes, the chicken is puréed and I think he did find the texture weird at first but luckily he's not that fussy and just got used to it. Also, once it has the rice and carrots mixed in too it's nicer for him.

delasi Tue 10-Sep-13 18:16:03

Personally I think whatever works for you is good smile Baby is fed, clean, sleeping... sounds great!

Our 'routine' (I call it more of an outline, we follow DS' lead quite a bit) with 9mo DS:

7:30-8am = wake
~ 15mins later = Ready Brek with fruit puree (spoon fed), or toast and fruit (self fed)
~ 30mins later = Bottle of milk (5-7oz)
11am-ish = nap, ~1-2 hours
> bottle of milk on waking (7-9oz)
1pm-ish = lunch (cherry toms, sandwiches, pasta, thinks like that - self fed)
3-4pm = nap, ~1 hour
6pm = dinner (similar to lunch, plus a yoghurt spoon-fed)
+ another bottle (5-8oz) at some point after the 2nd nap and before bed, depending on when he wants it
+ sometimes daytime snacks of cherry toms, grapes, satsuma, Organix puffs, rice cakes, similar bits, self fed
+ water throughout the day
7-8pm = bed

Averages at a minimum of 21oz of milk per day, sometimes has a 4th bottle as he's currently going through a sleep regression and wanting more in the night. Sometimes he will eat enthusiastically, sometimes he's not so interested.

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