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How much meat and fish?

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Nancy54 Wed 04-Sep-13 20:36:02

How often do you give meat and fish?

I'm a veggie but I don't necessarily want my twins (11 months) to be too. However, because I don't eat meat I haven't really been giving them much. theyve had some, more fish than meat tbh but i wonder if i should give them more. We eat a lot of pulses, dairy etc but I was just wondering how often people give their Los meat and fish.


JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 04-Sep-13 22:34:38

We aren't veggie but try to have at least 2 meat free days each week. Perhaps you could do the opposite and have 2 meat or fish days smile

Nancy54 Thu 05-Sep-13 06:46:16

Ok thanks jilted that sounds reasonable.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 05-Sep-13 07:52:29


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