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Ds is now 9 months and still hardly eats

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abi2790 Mon 02-Sep-13 13:26:23

I'm so stressed out about it. we've been doing blw from early on as he won't let me near him with a spoon. Well he has been letting me recently but he just spits everything out. I know he must be getting something from the looks of his poo but I'm terrified that it's my fault and he will never eat properly. I've tried speaking to hcp's about it but no one seems to care sad has anyone any advice on how I encourage him to eat? He's a big lover of natural yoghurt (will eat anything with that on it) but I don't want him to be picky. I know he likes the food we eat he just has a problem with swallowing it. He'll suck on his food and be interested in it for 10 minutes then he'll start crying and throwing it everywhere sad.

flossy101 Mon 02-Sep-13 13:39:35


My DS is 14 months now, but from 6 months to about 10-11 months he hardly ate a thing. I was v stressed about it, HV said not to worry but he wouldn't take anything off a spoon, he would just play with his food and then throw it on the floor. Each mealtime was quite stressful! Anyway at around 10-11 months he suddenly just "got it" and now he eats really well.

I would persevere with offering food 3 times a day and give him time.

yourcruisedirector Mon 02-Sep-13 13:45:39

Please don't worry! It's perfectly normal, particularly with BLW children. Keep offering a range of foods, with plenty of different textures, and don't try to cajole or bribe, just let your dc play and taste the food.

My DD is 19 months and has only really started eating well at 18 months - she was BF and BLW and she is a good weight, has loads of energy and is in good health. She increased her food intake at around 13 months, then again when she had her lip tie revised at 16 months, and then out of no where has had a huge leap in the food she will consume in the last month or so. Only now does she eat her way through most of three meals a day, plus snacks. Until 18 months it was usually only one meal a day that she would eat most of, and before 12 months only a taste here and there. She'll happily switch between sweet and savoury foods and knows when she's full.

I was desperately worried up to about 16 months, especially when I saw what other children would put away. But she's really cracked it now and I'm glad we just left her to it.

Good luck smile

abi2790 Mon 02-Sep-13 17:04:33

Thanks guys, I feel much better now smile he is a big boy for his age so he must be well nourished smile he enjoys his booby milk very much so I guess I shouldn't worry. It's hard not to worry though when you see other people's babies shovelling down food at 7 months.

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