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How do I get 1yo DS to feed himself?

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bronya Fri 23-Aug-13 17:48:12

He'll pick up a cup and help himself to liquid, he'll put anything and everything that ISN'T food in his mouth, and is eating well when I feed him. He'll take bites out of a sandwich if I hold it in my hand, and will use a fork/spoon in a bowl. What he won't do though, is put any FOOD in his mouth confused. How do I fix this?

HV says to let him play with food a lot (the dog's v helpful at cleaning up the aftermath!), to try putting yummy things on his fingers e.g sauce, flavoured yoghurt. She also said not to feed him his snacks, but just pop them in front of him so he's a bit hungry and is motivated to feed himself. I will try all that, just he is SO resistant. I can't even guide his hand to his mouth when he's holding food, he just resists and cries.

Anyone else experienced this? Help?

Fifi2406 Fri 23-Aug-13 17:58:07

My son did this for a while think he was just being lazy I'm sure he was capable I just fed him then i started to load the spoon with food and leave on his plate and eventually he would pick that up then after a month or so he scooped it onto the spoon himself

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