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Almost 13 mth olds diet

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Chunderella Sun 25-Aug-13 10:06:15

Oh, I should say that the bowl is quite flat. When I say we fill it, I mean we cover the bottom, although sometimes it gets piled higher than others depending on how much DH or I have cooked and how hungry DD seems. I also hope I didn't sound like a douche with my remark about being reluctant to force a reduction in DDs milk- I have no doubt that there are many good reasons why a parent would choose to do this.

Chunderella Sun 25-Aug-13 09:59:38

DD is not quite 13 months, but we have this:

Overnight feed anywhere between 3am and 6.30am (anything before 7 counts as overnight to me!) all or most of 200ml carton. We don't really have much choice about keeping going with this as she won't take water except in heatwaves.

Breakfast usually an hour or two after getting up- summer fruit and a couple of small slices of cheese. A nectarine, or about seven strawberries.

Lunch- maybe veg stew, or carroty mash. We use a bowl that's about 2.5 inches in diameter and pretty much fill it. Then more fruit if she wants. Sometimes she won't have a proper lunch, but on fussy days she'll usually at least have fruit. I'm working towards sandwiches. She also likes chunky soup, and stir fried chicken with rice. We usually have those from the same bowl so I'm not sure how much.

5pm often wants a solid snack now. Bit of toast, or fruit.

Tea- usually whatever we're having. Same bowl as lunch with eg mild curry and rice, or a pasta dish. She loves roast dinners. Then, she will have two little potatoes, a head of broccoli, couple of carrot batons and meat a bit more than the size of her palm. Again more fruit if she wants. Tends to eat biggest meal in the evening.

She still has lots of milk, 7-800ml a day and only recently dropped a milk feed. She grazes, as we have always fed on demand. There's no schedule to it that i can see. We recently switched to cows milk except for overnight. Oh and she usually likes a taste of what the adults around her are eating too, out of curiosity.

I know what you mean re milk worries, because DD is still having a lot of it and took her good old time with solids. She's also a bit of a tin ribs- 70th centile for weight but nearly 90th for height. I'm reluctant to try and force a reduction in her milk consumption though. And we never had to deal with tongue tie or any of the stuff you have, so i can imagine it must be really hard. Especially when you're about to go back to work. Its tough.

flipflopson5thavenue Wed 21-Aug-13 22:16:14

typical day:

7am - wake up but never wants milk (as has been bfeeding all bloody night..)
8am - approx 30g porridge with about 150ml milk and fruit, usually blueberries - sometimes upwards of 10 berries.
930 - bf to sleep for nap time
1130/12 - lunch examples are - eggy bread - couple of fingers worth, savoury muffins - he can often eat 2.5/3 of them in a sitting (I make them in those silicone cases), maybe 2/3 a large rice cake with either peanut butter, philadelphia. Beans and grated cheese. Yogurt, and fruit. He can polish off 1.5 of those Plum fromage frais easily.
3pm ish - bf to sleep for second nap.
6pm - dinner - often pasta with anything - homemade tomato sauce, often just butter or a bit of olive oil and grated parmesan. Risotto good to, lasagna. Portion wise I make about 20g of pasta, or a big handful (my hand) and he eats about 2/3 of it.
7/730pm - bf at bedtime.
2/3 bf during the night. Sigh.

Snacks during the day are a bit haphazard as the bf at naps times seems to keep him full, but if out and about he'll eat breadsticks, fruit pouches, dried cereal. He loves fruit and will regularly eat a whole pear or nectarine or kiwi.

Reading other people's posts am glad to see that he seems to eat a lot of the same - except for the veg. I'm just glad he eats rice and pasta and that is my vehicle for veg at the moment..! Doesn't eat much meat other than lasagna, but eats a lot of beans and lentils and chick peas so is getting protein. Want to try little fish cakes.

Re weight gain he's been on same %ile since about 7 wks so even on days where he'll eat almost nothing (and there are plenty of those) I tell myself not to worry too much.

SquidgersMummy Tue 20-Aug-13 13:24:10

We night weaning - sat night tried Dr Sears (give few gulps then stop) - this frustrated her...Sun night I caved...last night gave water and stroked/patted - this was much calmer. Both nights of trying it has taken 1.5 hrs to get her off as she goes off quickly but only lightly and wakes again. We cosleep fm 1ish which I'm happy to keep doing but just need to cut down on booby, increase food, and get my periods back too. Not easy is it xx

sharond101 Mon 19-Aug-13 21:51:04

15mo (but same at 13mo)

bfast 2weetabix + cows milk + tbps fruit puree water
lunch small bowl chicken and veg soup, 1/2 -1 slice bread + bowl custard + water
dinner as we are having (as much as he eats really if he doesn't eat much offer porridge or weetabix afterwards)
bed 200ml cowsmilk

forevergreek Mon 19-Aug-13 20:53:01

Decide what time is your cut off and only offer water after. Ie feed before 11pm, anytime between 11-6.30 water only

Might have a terrible night or two but should be ok after that.

Once you are happy with that you can choose to feed at bedtime then not at all after

melonribena Mon 19-Aug-13 20:34:37

Thanks everyone! It seems to vary so much! Squidgers, I've had the same problem with bf but had literally had to cut out feeds due to work. My ds's diet now looks like this...

6.30 - bf
7.30 - breakfast, usually shreddies and soya milk (milk allergic)
10.00 - snack, often yogurt and 4/5 grapes
12.30 - lunch, hummus sandwich, cucumber, tomato, bit of ham and fruit pot
1.30 bf (currently trying to offer cup of milk instead)
3.30 snack, breadstick and banana
6.00 - dinner, eg, bowl of spaghetti bolognaise, fruit loaf and strawberries
7.30 bf
10.30 - bf
2.30 - bf!

Yes. He still has two full overnight feeds, how on earth do you drop them with hysterical crying?!

maja00 Mon 19-Aug-13 20:08:46

At 13 months we had just stopped bfing so DS had:

Breakfast - one weetabix with 100ml milk
mid morning - cup of 100ml milk (didn't drink all) and a bit of fruit (eg. half an apple or banana) or a couple of rice cakes and some cheese
lunch - sandwich with one piece of bread/beans on toast/leftovers with a piece of fruit
mid afternoon - same as mid morning
dinner - cottage pie/lasagne/curry etc - in one of those little Ikea plastic bowls for portion size, plus a fromage frais or tablespoon of greek yoghurt and honey

SquidgersMummy Mon 19-Aug-13 20:03:39

Hi - we are perhaps at the other end in that my dd fills up booby so consciously trying this week to cut back on booby to increase food. So milk on waking, hour later a small amount of breakfast eg 1/6 of a crumpet and a handful of blueberries, lunch is about a quarter of a portion of dried Chinese noodles, a few sticks of pear and 1/4 to 1/2 egg and tea is often penne pasta, big broccoli floret, Greek yoghurt (prob 2x a kids small yoghurt pots worth). We do quite a few sultanas, breadsticks and oat cakes as snacks.

I was talking to my HV today - she says we should be having 3 meals and 2 snacks per day blush.....trying to limit to 3 feeds this week: am, 3.30pm and bedtime. Really trying not to feed in the night but its not going down well!! and it depends how tired I am as to how long I can persist with sips of water

This thread has been helpful re portion sizes and also to see that they do vary. DD consistently on her growth line but always been below aver on weight.


ilovepicnmix Mon 19-Aug-13 19:49:38

My 13 mo has approx 120 mils milk on wakening. He then has breakfast if porridge and yoghurt or maybe 2 weetabix. Lunch is something like a one egg omelette with slice toast and mushroom and tomatoes. Dinner might be pasta in cheese sauce and a floret of broccoli and a few carrot batons. Pudding of fruit and custard and then approx 120 mils milk before bed. He might have rice cakes or oatcakes as a snack. If he's off colour for any reason though he will eat very little. His eating stresses me out which is ridiculous as he is on the chubby side.

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Mon 19-Aug-13 19:34:10

DS is 14 months old and this is a typical day:

7am breastfeed
7.30am toast or mini bagel with butter, fruit such as banana, berries or melon, sometimes an egg of some description
10am snack which will usually be a homemade muffin or cheese straws
12.30pm a favourite lunch is pasta with cheese sauce, broccoli, peas and a bit of salmon or ham. Fruit for pudding
3.30pm another snack - might be a few dried apricots and a bit of cheese or some cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks
5.30pm dinner tends to be whatever we have so fish pie, meatballs, homemade chicken goujons, stew of some sort all served with veg and some sort of carb. Again fruit for pudding if he's still hungry or if we're having pudding (v rarely happens) he'll try a bit of that
6.45pm breastfeed

In terms of portion size it really varies on how energetic he's been and if he has a tooth coming through. A pasta portion for him is roughly how much he'd fit in his hands if they were cupped. Protein wise, say chicken, he'd have a couple of slices. He'll easily eat a nectarine or a whole banana as a snack.

forevergreek Mon 19-Aug-13 19:24:53

At 13 months we had roughly days like;

Wake: bf
Breakfast : porridge/ fruit ( about x2 tablespoons total), or 1/2 boiled egg, and 1/2 small piece toast.
Lunch : 1/2 avocado, piece cucumber, 1 cherry tomato, baby size hand of chicken
4 pm bf
Dinner : baby size hand of fish, 1 new potato, a stick of asparagus

A portion of anything is size of their fist. So a portion for 1 year old should be smaller than day a 4 year old or an adult even bigger. If you look at your babies Hand in fist shape you will see its quiet small. Ie a teaspoon of peas is probably enough veg

LowLevelWhinging Mon 19-Aug-13 19:15:43

Is he losing weight OP?

If he's sticking to his line in the red HV book (if you're in the UK), then there's nothing to worry about.

Babies need a surprisingly small amount of food as their stomachs are so little.

melonribena Mon 19-Aug-13 19:13:10

I've been paranoid about my ds getting enough food from birth (tongue tie, snipped twice) and its still in the back of my mind every day.

I bf but am cutting out feeds during the day due to going back to work in a week.

Please could you give me an example of your child's daily food/milk intake including portion size to help reassure me that he's getting enough food.

Thank you!

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